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Planet Dog Expands Award-Winning Orbee-Tuff Collection

Orbee-Tuff Orbo with Treat Spot Joins the Pack

Portland, Maine (April 2006) – In response to the success of their popular collection of Orbee-TuffTM dog toys, Planet Dog has expanded the line to include a new interactive chew toy. The Orbee-Tuff® OrboTM with Treat SpotTM is inspired by the award-winning and globe-shaped Orbee® Ball and made from the same doggie-durable, bouncy, buoyant and mint-scented Orbee-Tuff® material. Its asymmetrical “doubled” design, made by molding a smaller Orbee® Ball onto a larger one, makes for amazingly unpredictable bounces and a toy that can stimulate a dog mentally much more than a standard fetch toy. The design also creates PAW-sitive traction so dogs can get a grip while chewing. Last but not least, the toy’s innovative design includes a uniquely reinforced Treat SpotTM that allows for interactive fun.

"Dogs love the Orbo because they can grip onto it and then focus on what really makes them happy: getting at the stuff inside," says Alex Fisher, Planet Dog's Founder and Designer. "The Orbo delights chewers with the added challenge of ‘beating the treat’," adds Fisher. That is why Planet Dog has created Treat Spot recipe cards which feature unique and nutritious spreads that dogs love. The Savory Stuff and Sweet Stuff recipe cards offer yummy and simple concoctions that can be made from wholesome products found in kitchen pantries. According to Fisher, “It’s always best to know exactly what’s in your dog’s treats. For that, nothing beats homemade.”

The Orbo with Treat Spot is available in three sizes (small, medium and large) in three color combinations (blue/green, glow/orange and pink/blue). The suggested retail price for the Orbo is $5.95 for size small, $9.95 for medium and $12.95 for large. Retailers will receive 10 free Treat Spot recipe cards (5 Savory Stuff cards and 5 Sweet Stuff cards) with each case of Orbos that they order. These cards can be given to consumers at retail to bring home with them with each Orbo they buy. Orbos can be purchased on Planet Dog's website for retailers,, or by calling 800.381.1516.

The Orbee-Tuff Orbo with Treat Spot has a Chew-o-meter rating of “4 out of 5 chompers”, Planet Dog's second strongest rating. Like all toys made with the Orbee-Tuff compound, the Orbo is non-toxic and 100% guaranteed! It is even recyclable. Planet Dog recycles 100% first quality Orbee-Tuff material that would otherwise be discarded to make the Orbee RecycleBALL® and RecycleBONE®. It is socially responsible, too. A percentage of every Planet Dog purchase goes directly to the Planet Dog Foundation (PDF) to promote and celebrate programs in which dogs serve and support their best friends. For more information, please visit

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