Planet Dog Expands Popular Line of Recycled Toys

Planet Dog is always looking for ways to develop new and unique, tail-wagging products that have minimal impact on the environment. Not only are all of their award-winning Orbee-Tuff® toys recyclable, but they reuse 100% of their post-production material. The recycled material is used in their Orbee-Tuff® Regrind line, which now features an assortment of new sizes and colors and a new Value-Pack.

“We don’t know of any other toy company that takes their leftover material and makes productive use of it,” says Stephanie Volo, Planet Dog's Top Dog. “With so many of our top selling Orbee-Tuff® toys out there, it is important for us to make them environment-friendly,” adds Volo.

Planet Dog has won several awards for their Orbee-Tuff® toy collection, which is noted as the most durable, pliable, chewy, buoyant and bouncy toys on the market. All of the Orbee-Tuff® toys are made in the USA, are recyclable and feature Planet Dog's 100% guarantee. They are also non-toxic, mint-scented and offered in a blend of coordinated colors.


The toys in the Regrind Line are just as durable and minty as first-run Orbee-Tuff® toys. Due to the recycled material content, the assortment of colors in the Regrind line varies and most frequently includes solid Purple, Black, Pale Yellow and Green. Store and website orders will be fulfilled with whatever color is being made based on real-time Orbee-Tuff® toy production. Although all Orbee-Tuff® toys are extremely durable, there are some dogs that will chew through anything. Should this happen, Planet Dog customers can send their Orbee-TuffÒ toys back to Planet Dog to be recycled into new RecycleBALLs and RecycleBONEs.

In addition to the varied colors, Planet Dog has also created a 3-toys-in-1 RecycleBALL Value-Pack. The Value-Pack includes two 2.5" Orbee-Tuff® RecycleBALLs tied together with off-spec climbing rope provided by Planet Dog’s neighbor, Sterling Rope. In addition to the reclaimed rope serving as “packaging,” it can be removed and retied to one of the RecycleBALLs to make a toss toy, while the second ball may be used in a ball tosser. The third way to play with this innovative toy is just “as is.”

Like the colors of the RecycleBALL, the colors of the rope will vary and be based on what color scraps are available for recycling. Sold in a case of 3 units for $22.50, the wholesale price for each Value-Pack is $7.50 and the suggested retail price is $14.95.

Sterling Rope, a like-minded Maine company committed to making the highest quality and safest products while reducing their environmental impact, was eager to be part of this “up-cycling” project. "We were thrilled when Planet Dog approached us about working together on this project," says John Branagan, who handles outdoor recreation sales and dealer services for Sterling Rope. "We are impressed by their commitment to reducing their carbon pawprint and we are proud to be a part of their efforts to do so," adds Branagan.

The Orbee-Tuff® RecycleBALL® is 3” in diameter and the Orbee-Tuff® RecycleBONE® is 6.5” long. Both the Balls and Bones are sold in cases of 6 - assorted color units for $36.00. The wholesale price for each is $6.00 and the suggested retail price is $11.95. All of the Regrind products can be purchased on Planet Dog’s exclusive retailer website,, or by calling their toll-free #: 800-381-1516.

Whether creating great products, providing financial resources or helping to educate consumers about canine-related issues, Planet Dog is proud to be a pet industry leader with proven socially responsible initiatives that bring people and dogs together for fun and mutual support.

"As a small company doing big things, our goal will always be to improve the world around us by giving back to our community, our workforce and the environment," says Alex Fisher, Founder. "Our internal mantra is "think globally, act doggedly." When running a business, it’s easy to get absorbed in just the dollars and cents. The mantra helps keep us focused on the higher cause for which we entered this industry,” adds Fisher.

Planet Dog’s corporate philanthropic arm is the Planet Dog Foundation (PDF). The Foundation, whose mission is to promote and celebrate programs that enable dogs to serve and support their best friends, receives a percentage of every Planet Dog purchase. In turn, it is donated back to non-profit canine service programs nationwide.

“We’re doing what no other pet product company is doing," adds Volo. “We offer innovative, top-quality products that dogs love, all while supporting service dog programs, encouraging pet adoption and protecting Planet Earth. Our goal is for our actions to speak louder than woofs.”

Since January 2006, PDF has given away more than a half a million dollars in cash and in-kind donations to several worthy organizations. For more information and a full list of programs and grantees, please visit

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