Planet Dog Keeps Rolling With New Orbee Dice

Portland, Maine – The Orbee-Tuff® Dice is the latest tail-wagging addition to Planet Dog's popular collection of sport shaped toys for dogs. The Dice, made from the award-winning bouncy, chewy, recyclable, buoyant and peppermint-scented Orbee-Tuff® compound, is an over-sized replication of the professional dice used in Las Vegas and the oldest gambling device invented by man. Unlike the other 7 sport shapes in the Planet Dog Sport collection, Orbee-Tuff® Dice is designed to be rolled instead of tossed, giving dogs a fun way to play and a new high stakes game for the dog park.

The Dice makes a great addition to the Orbee-Tuff® collection that already includes a football, soccer ball, baseball, hockey puck, tennis ball, golf ball and eight ball. Dogs dig these toys and their human companions are glad to have their sport balls to themselves.

Dogs are the greatest "players" on the planet. Thanks to the innovative Planet Dog Sport collection, canine all-stars can demonstrate their skills with toys that capture the essence of sport - but are offered in a size and durability designed for dogs. Standard dice are small enough for any size dog to choke on, but dogs can safely take their chances with the new Orbee Dice (3" x 3").

"Get two and roll double sixes!," says Alex Fisher, Planet Dog's Chief Creative Officer. "Meeting for "craps" in the dog park has a whole new meaning," he adds.

All Orbee-Tuff® products are non-toxic and the Orbee-Tuff® compound is approved by the FDA. Although they are designed and tested to stand up to the most vigorous chewing and gnawing, the laws of physics dictate that a time will come when they need to be retired. The good news is that the Orbee-Tuff® compound is 100% recyclable and can be sent back to Planet Dog to be melted into the new Orbee-Tuff® RecycleBALL and RecycleBONE.

Orbee Dice are also available in Planet Dog's new Sport Merchandised Display. The new display which is sold for $648 offers the perfect mix of Planet Dog Sport products in optimal quantities. It comes pre-packaged complete with a free coordinating header. Retailers can order online at, Planet Dog's exclusive retailer website, or by calling 800-381-1516.

Planet Dog is proud to donate a percentage of their annual profits to Planet Dog Philanthropy (PDP), their non-profit grantmaking organization, in support of animal welfare, education and environmental initiatives. For more information about Planet Dog Philanthropy, please visit

Katie LeBel, Planet Friendly Public Relations
[email protected]

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