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Planet Friendly Plastics Launches Recycled Biodegradable Grocery & Waste Bags

Smarter Grocery and Disposal Bags for a Cleaner Environment

Burbank, CA - Americans use millions of non-biodegradable plastic garbage and grocery bags each day that end up languishing in landfills for eternity. Planet Friendly Plastics is pleased to announce a new line of eco-friendly biodegradable plastic bags that break down in landfills. The new product line includes: Smarter Garbage Bags that are large and heavy duty; Smarter Tall Kitchen Bags; Smarter Grocery Bags that are extra strong so that double-bagging is unnecessary; and Oops…I Pooped Dog Pick-Up Bags.

Planet Friendly’s new biodegradable plastic bags employ a patented additive that allows the products to fully break down in a landfill setting. This process enables micro-organisms in the environment to metabolize the molecular structure of the plastic into an inert, humus-like form that is harmless to the environment. The suggested retail prices are: $4.00 for a roll of 15 Smarter Garbage Bags; $3.50 for a roll of 20 Smarter Tall Kitchen Bags; $30.00 for a case of 750 Smarter Grocery Bags (there is a also a 10% discount for orders of 10 cases or more); and $8.00 for 88 Oops... I Pooped Dog Pick-up Bags.

Because Planet Friendly’s bags are made from strong and durable recycled plastic instead of starch-based ingredients, their bags are not heat, light or moisture sensitive, and will not break down until they reach the landfill. “Making sure a biodegradable trash or grocery bag is strong is very important when it will hold something unpleasant like garbage or dog poop or something special like groceries,” states company President Dodonna Bicknell. “You don’t want a bag like that to break open before it reaches its destination,” she adds.

“Planet Friendly Plastics is more than just a biodegradable bag company – we represent a lifestyle that is appealing to more and more Americans,” says Bicknell. The Planet Friendly Plastics logo, an attractive “spiraling star flower” design, alerts consumers that they are buying a product that is earth-safe. “This collaboration between product, manufacturing and ease of identification via the Planet Friendly logo, brands a product as 100% biodegradable and truthfully green,” Bicknell notes. In addition to marketing the Planet Friendly Plastics brand, the company also provides private label services.

Planet Friendly Plastics products are available at a growing number of grocery, pet, and natural health stores around the country. For more information or to order directly, visit the company website at or call Planet Friendly Plastics toll-free at 1- 888-811 8844.
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