Planet Smoothie Blends Its Fruit-Based Smoothie with Energy Drink

Planet Smoothie, one of the country's most sought after smoothie concepts, announced today it has partnered with South Beach Beverage Company, Inc. a subsidiary of PepsiCo, Inc., to develop a line of energy smoothies infused with SoBe Adrenaline Rush(R), a high performance energy supplement. The smoothies are designed for active, on-the-go consumers, which Planet Smoothie and SoBe have in common.

Beginning this month, every Planet Smoothie location will offer three SoBe Adrenaline Rush-infused ripcord required. The smoothie line includes Tropical Twister (pineapples, orange juice and a hint of cherry); Manic Mango (mangos, blueberries and non-fat yogurt); and Orange Fever (peaches, orange juice, orange sherbet and non-fat milk). SoBe Adrenaline Rush has a bold citrus taste enhanced with a unique blend of energizing elements.

Planet Smoothie and SoBe Adrenaline Rush go together like sand and surf or like running shoes and the open road. The smoothies were created to offer consumers who thirst for high-energy beverages the unique combination of one of the leading energy drinks with the best tasting smoothies on the planet.

Consumer demand for energy is apparent as energy drink sales were up 50 percent between 2005 and 2006, according to the Beverage Marketing Corporation. "SoBe and Planet Smoothie are a natural partnership, as both brands address the active lifestyles of consumers," says Chris McCracken, vice president and brand leader of Planet Smoothie. "Our smoothie menu allows consumers to target specific needs - such as low sugar or high protein - and this line of energy smoothies combines our real-fruit beverages with a shot of energy, with no compromises on taste which our research tells us is paramount among consumers."

Planet Smoothie beverages sport fun names such as the Chocolate Elvis(TM) (chocolate, peanut butter, bananas and yogurt); the Twig & Berries(TM) (strawberries, bananas and yogurt); and the Road Runner(TM) (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and orange juice). The space is bright and energetic with swatches of pink, green and purple. Music, a la 1980s rock and pop, pumps through the speakers.

Planet Smoothie consumers have the option to add need-specific nutritional supplements to any smoothie with Planet Smoothie blasts, which are blends of vitamins and supplements. Eight blast varieties are available, and each targets a unique focus, including the Women-Only Blast (a blend of Calcium, magnesium, boron, vitamin D, folic acid and soy isoflavones) the Fat Burner Blast (an oomph of Chromium picolinate, L-carnitine, lecithin and mustard seed); and the Anti-Oxidant Blast (Vitamins A, C and E, citrus biofavonoids, zinc and selenium).

About Planet Smoothie
Planet Smoothie is among the top three smoothie concepts in the country, serving real fruit smoothies infused with vitamins and nutrients for active, occasion-driven consumers. Founded in Atlanta in 1995, Planet Smoothie is the original concept in the Raving Brands portfolio. In 2007, it was recognized by Restaurant Business as a "Future 50" concept, one of the fastest growing up and coming concepts in the country. Its food-oriented experience, Planet Smoothie Cafe, features healthy breakfast and lunch menu choices including Acai bowls, wraps and salads. For more information, visit

About SoBe
South Beach Beverage Company makes refreshing beverages marketed under the SoBe brand name. SoBe is a separate operating unit of Pepsi-Cola North America. For more information, visit the SoBe web site at or call the Lizard Line at 1-800-588-0548.

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