Plantex invests in R&D and growth of organization

Plantex invests in R&D and growth of organization

The French plant extracts company is investing in research and development and increasing production capacity.

In 2011, PLANTEX, a French specialist in plant extracts, expends 15% of its turnover in its R&D department. Mrs. Debaisieux, PLANTEX’s CEO says : “This investment reflects our strong will to remain in the awakening of evolving markets, to improve and perfect the services we offer to our industrial partners. We are preparing the future with a constant concern of anticipating each of our client’s particular needs.”

PLANTEX is also investing in its organization, in order to offer a more effective response to the strong demand the company is currently facing, especially in the branch of organic vegetal extracts, through the creation of a clearly identified marketing service and through the enhancement of the R&D service. Our production unit and laboratory are acquiring new and complementary more efficient analysis and extracting equipment (3rd innovative spray drying tower, HPLC…) which increases the capacity of production. This will allow PLANTEX to absorb the customers’ requests, which are sometimes urgent, with an even better flexibility and reliability, while maintaining the same quality and traceability.

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