PLT Exclusive Distributor of GliSODin

Morristown, NJ - PL Thomas & Co., Inc., (also known as PLT) has recently been named the exclusive distributor of GliSODinTM· in the United States. GliSODin, manufactured by Isocell, France, uses a patented, revolutionary process making it the first orally bioavailable Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).

Paul Flowerman, PLT president explains, "Thanks to a patented process, the powerful anti-oxidant SOD is protected from degradation in the gastrointestinal track providing increased levels of circulating SOD."

According to the company, superoxide dismutase is a master defense enzyme and powerhouse anti-oxidant naturally occurring in human cells. As one ages the production of SOD decreases. GliSODin comes from melons, a vegetable source whereas previous forms were derived from bovine liver.

Carl Germano, RD, CNS, LDN, author and scientific advisor for GliSODin, was recently on New York's WOR Radio -710 discussing the benefits of SOD with Dr. Ronald Hoffman, a noted medical expert on dietary supplements and nationally syndicated host of Health Talk. In his book, SOD/Gliadin: the Ultimate Defense Against Disease and Aging, Germano discusses GliSODin's application in immune support, neurological support, cardiovascular support, vision health, lung health, liver support and overall cellular health.

According to PLT, SOD is supported by ongoing human clinical research. Germano's book and clinical support information on specific applications are available upon request.

PLT has supplied natural ingredients to the food and health industries for over 50 years. Major products include: water-soluble gums, botanicals extracts, mechanically processed herbs, soy isoflavones and soy proteins.

For more information call: 973-984-0900 or visit their website at:

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