Pollinosan Shown Effective in New Clinical Trial

Allergy Sufferers Can Continue to Rely on Proven Homeopathic Remedy

HUDSON, NY – Bioforce USA has announced the completion and publication of a new study demonstrating the efficacy of its A. Vogel Pollinosan homeopathic allergy relief remedy.

In the open, multi-center study, led by Suter and Schoop (published in GanzheitsMedizin, 16; 434-428, 2004), participants with moderate to severe symptoms of hayfever used Pollinosan nasal spray. After 14 days of use (one to two puffs in each nostril three to five times daily), the number of participants who experienced a reduction in evening symptoms rose from nearly 40 percent after four days to approximately 56 percent after two weeks. In addition, the authors reported “a significant improvement in quality of life in respect to physical functioning, the general health perception vitality…and that 36.5 percent of all patients felt that their state of health improved.”

“This study demonstrates a gentle but effective method of relieving severity of symptoms associated with hayfever and allergic rhinitis,” says Eileen Sheets, director of regulatory affairs for Bioforce USA. “The homeopathic formula, Pollinosan, is also safe for use, and unlike conventional nasal sprays, there is no risk of toxicity or addiction. As this study has demonstrated, Pollinosan can be used up to five times daily for two weeks, or as long as the duration of symptoms are felt to be intolerable by the sufferer.”

Pollinosan is pollution proof; it features a unique bottle cap that prevents solution backflow into the reservoir after spraying. The bottle is also self-sterilizing which sterilizes the solution during spraying through the special silver-coated nozzle. In addition, Pollinosan is the same homeopathic formula as the original best-selling Vogel Allergy Relief, a longer-term relief remedy which is available in tabs and liquid. Pollinosan provides instant relief, and the combination is a successful 1-2-Punch!

For more information, call (800) 641-7555.

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