Polyphenolics Develops New Manufacturing Extraction Process for Rubired Grapes

Polyphenolics, a division of Canandaigua Wine Company isolates all the phenolic and flavonoid substances in the rubired variety of grapes in its MegaNatural™ Rubired Grape Juice Extract. This powdered extract contains phenols and anthocyanins at a concentration several times that found in commercial concord grape juice.

This extract has been specifically designed for nutraceutical formulations and nutritionally enhanced beverages as a source of active flavonoid compounds (catechins as well as anthocyanins).

Polyphenolics has discovered that Rubired Grape Juice Extract contains almost 30 times more total phenols and anthocyanins than concord grape juice. Published studies indicate that consumption of purple concord grape juice is effective in reducing the rate of development of atherosclerotic narrowing of the coronary arteries as well as the incidence of potentially fatal coronary thrombosis. Studies also show that purple grape juice may be as effective as red wine in protecting patients with CAD from coronary thrombosis and heart attacks. These protective effects of grape juice, as well as red wine, stem from the catechin related oligomers, flavonols and anthocyanins present.

Concord Grape Juice:
Total Phenols-g/100g--0.015
Total Anthocyanins-g/100g--0.0095
ORAC – Trolox equiv./g--1600

Rubired Grape Juice:
Total Phenols-g/100g-- 0.355
Total Anthocyanins-g/100g--0.2800
ORAC – Trolox equiv./g--2400

Whole Grape Extract from Rubired Grapes :
Total Phenols-g/100g--47.500
Total Anthocyanins-g/100g--29.1000
ORAC – Trolox equiv./g--8096

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