Polyphenolics Launches New Re-designed Web Site

New Web site reinforces ongoing MegaNatural® marketing campaign Site targets consumers and manufacturers with useful information

Consumers wanting to learn more about the health benefits of grape extracts need look no further than Polyphenolics' new Web site, polyphenolics.com. The site boasts many features of interest to manufacturers including an introduction to the company's consumer branding program for its MegaNatural® line of grape seed extracts, and a media schedule that is updated daily.

Consumer Support
A consumer-oriented section on the Web site explains the heart healthy benefits of grape extracts. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section gives basic information about antioxidants and their relationship to the healthy function of the body, how specific parts of the grape have been linked to certain health benefits, how grape seed extract is made, and more.

The Web site also give consumers complete information about MegaNatural® and why it is a consumer friendly antioxidant, brand name products that contain MegaNatural®, convenient links to their sources, and recommendations for appropriate dosages.

Consumer Branding Program
As part of its consumer awareness and branding program, Polyphenolics has assembled a group of medical and nutritional experts with varied backgrounds. This team is committed to communicating the health benefits of integrating grape seed extract into the American diet. Information about the experts, as well as press coverage of the MegaNatural® brand, is easily accessed on the new Web site.

Manufacturers also can find detailed information about the composition of each MegaNatural® extract, as well as the results of research studies in which the brand was used.

“As the ground-breaking industry leader in grape seed extracts, Polyphenolics is renewing its pledge to support this category with easily accessible information on its many health benefits,” said Anil Shrikhande, president of Polyphenolics, Inc. “This new Web site is just part of an extensive marketing campaign designed to increase brand recognition of MegaNatural® and reinforce to manufacturers its many advantages.”

Polyphenolics is a leading manufacturer of ingredients for the nutritional and beverage industries. Its extracts are produced in Canandaigua Wine Company's California wineries from unfermented grapes, using a patented, solvent-free, water extraction process. For more information call (574) 243-9825 or visit www.polyphenolics.com

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