POS Pilot Plant To Enhance Mini-Pilot Plant Capabilities

Contract research organization POS Pilot Plant Corp. of Saskatoon Canada will soon offer its clients enhanced and improved mini-scale bioprocessing and extraction capabilities with the purchase of additional mini-scale pilot plant equipment. It will enhance and supplement existing mini-scale bio-processing equipment in operation at POS, such as the mini solvent extractor and mini oil-refining unit. The four new pieces of equipment are: a microfluidizer, a mini-press for oilseeds, a super critical extractor, and a vapour tight solvent decanter centrifuge.

The new equipment will provide important infrastructure and production capability at the intermediate scale - which falls between laboratory and pilot plant stages. The mini-pilot plant equipment allows clients to use small quantities of starting material using equipment that closely mimics full-scale industrial processing – providing the desired combination of maximum learning and minimum risk for clients wanting to develop products. For more information about POS Pilot Plant visit their web site at www.pos.ca.

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