Power of Soy Harvested In Canada’s Number #1 Vitamin For Menopause

TORONTO, ON – October 25, 2005 – Swiss Herbal Remedies Limited (Swiss Herbal) today announced the availability of new, improved formulas for Swiss Natural HRT(TM) Regular, Swiss Natural HRT(TM) Extra Strength, Swiss Natural PMS, and Estrovone. These products will now contain soy extract, replacing red clover, to provide relief to women who suffer from the symptoms of menopause. Numerous clinical studies have shown that soy, which is rich in isoflavones, significantly reduces menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes.i

“We’re really excited about the introduction of these new formulations,” says Susan Yorke, Marketing Director, Swiss Herbal Remedies Limited. “Women now have a full range of new improved products to treat their menopausal symptoms, whether mild, moderate or severe.”

The family of Swiss Natural HRT products is designed to provide a natural nonprescription alternative to treat the symptoms of menopause including night sweats. Natural HRT was created exclusively for Swiss Natural Sources by a dedicated team of medical doctors, naturopathic doctors and herbalists.

About Swiss Herbal Remedies Limited
Swiss Herbal Remedies Limited is one of Canada's leading producers and distributors of natural source vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements and cosmetics. With over 550 products, marketed under the Swiss Natural Sources brand name, Swiss Natural Sources has the widest range of supplement products in the Canadian marketplace.

Founded in 1962, Swiss Herbal Remedies Limited has its headquarters in Richmond Hill, Ontario, with warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver. The company has a national sales force, selling products in retail health food stores, pharmacies and nutritional outlets across Canada. Its products are also exported to markets across the world.

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For additional information please visit www.swissherbal.ca or contact:
Susan Yorke, Marketing Director
Swiss Herbal Remedies Limited
(905) 886-9500

i Faure, E.D., et al. Effects of a standardized soy extract on hot flushes: a multicenter double-blind, randomized, placebocontrolled study. Menopause, 2002, Sep-Oct, Vol. 9 (5): 329-334.

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