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Powerbar and Carmichael Training Systems Introduce New Powerbar(R) Beverage System

- PowerBar(R) Endurance and PowerBar(R) Recovery Powdered Sports Drinks Road- Tested with Athletes to Deliver Energy, Hydration and Recovery for Optimal Performance -

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 13 -- For more than seventeen years, PowerBar Inc. has been fueling athletes worldwide with its nutritional energy products. At the 2003 annual Interbike International Bicycle Expo(TM), the company announced that it will now also quench athletes' thirst. The energy bar creator and leader has partnered with Carmichael Training Systems and world-renowned coach Chris Carmichael to introduce the PowerBar(R) Beverage System, two new powdered sports drink mixes designed to maximize hydration, energy delivery and recovery for athletes.

The PowerBar Beverage System combines the latest sports nutrition research with the practical knowledge of Chris Carmichael, Carmichael Training Systems' coaching staff and PowerBar's stable of Team Elite sponsored athletes. PowerBar(R) Endurance offers the ideal hydration and muscle fuel delivery needed during intense athletic activity, while PowerBar(R) Recovery provides optimal post-workout restoration of the muscle glycogen that is depleted during exercise. Offering a light, crisp, citrus taste, the PowerBar Beverage System will be available to consumers exclusively via sports retail outlets in Spring 2004.

Beverages represent a growing segment of the sports nutrition category, and consumer research by Carmichael Training Systems and PowerBar with elite endurance athletes using leading sports drinks revealed several unmet needs. "I've found that many athletes using today's sports beverages need to dilute their overly sweet taste, which reduces the drink's carbohydrate concentration and leads to inadequate muscle fueling," said Chris Carmichael. "Also, our athletes reported stomach cramping and bloating when using leading sports drinks during activity. I wanted a drink with a formulation that I could recommend to my athletes, something that was effective without being overly fortified."

Formulated with only the essential ingredients needed for optimal performance, PowerBar's energy and recovery drinks have been road-tested to dissolve easily and be palatable during rigorous activity. The drinks are designed to provide hydration and energy for athletes who participate in high- intensity, short duration activities or moderate intensity, longer duration exercise and seek fast recovery post-workout. "Response to date from athletes testing the PowerBar Beverage System has been outstanding," said Stephanie Brendel, PowerBar Marketing Manager. "Through extensive field testing with Carmichael Training Systems' coached athletes and our elite athlete testing group, together we were able to hone the formulas for PowerBar Endurance and PowerBar Recovery to specifically address the issues athletes were experiencing with many of today's sports drinks."

PowerBar Endurance delivers an ideal balance of hydration and energy during physical activity. Its primary goal is to maximize athletes' carbohydrate delivery, fluid absorption and voluntary drive to drink. PowerBar Endurance consists of a seven percent carbohydrate concentration comprised of glucose, fructose and maltodextrin, designed to maximize energy uptake and delivery within the parameters recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine. Also, it offers the highest sodium content of leading carbohydrate-electrolyte sports drinks, which facilitates hydration, replaces sodium lost in sweat and can reduce the risk of hyponatremia. PowerBar Endurance does not incorporate any unproven ingredients that could slow hydration or energy delivery, affect taste or that may cause gastrointestinal upset.

PowerBar Recovery is a light, refreshing recovery drink that replenishes glycogen stores and rehydrates the body after a workout. Its eight percent carbohydrate concentration combines with protein and electrolytes to target the post-exercise 30 to 60-minute recovery window for rapid glycogen restoration and to speed muscle recovery and repair. PowerBar Recovery rapidly rehydrates and replaces lost electrolytes with potassium, magnesium and more than twice the sodium per serving of leading recovery drinks.

Most widely-recognized as the longtime coach and trainer to Lance Armstrong, Chris Carmichael, a 2003 inductee into the U.S. Bicycle Hall of Fame, also shares his expertise with thousands of elite endurance athletes through his Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) coaching service. 1999 USOC Coach of the Year, member of the 1984 U.S. Olympic Cycling Team and part of the first American team to ride in the Tour de France in 1986, Carmichael founded his CTS organization in 1999 and has quickly become an internationally respected source of personal coaching for endurance sports and general fitness. Carmichael and PowerBar share a common nutritional philosophy and fundamental objective -- to bring athletes and active people worldwide the training and competition tools they need to achieve their goals.

Available to consumers in Spring 2004, the PowerBar Beverage System will be sold exclusively in the sports retail channel via local and internet running, cycling, outdoor and multi-sport stores. PowerBar Endurance will be available in a lemon-lime flavor in single-serve packets for 20-ounce water bottles and in a 900-gram canister with 20, 20-ounce servings. The tangerine- orange flavor of PowerBar Recovery will be offered in a 735-gram canister with 15, 16-ounce servings, and single serve packets. Suggested retail pricing to be announced.

About PowerBar

PowerBar Inc. is the creator and leader of the energy bar market. PowerBar proudly fuels world-class athletes including Lance Armstrong, sponsors premier events such as the Boston Marathon and is the Official Nutritional Energy Bar Supplier to the U.S. Olympic Team. Headquartered in Berkeley, Calif., the company's product line includes PowerBar(R) Performance energy bars, PowerBar Harvest(R) morning energy bars, PowerBar(R) ProteinPlus(TM) protein bars, PowerBar(R) Pria(TM) nutritional snack bars, PowerBar(R) Energy Bites(TM), and PowerBar(R) PowerGel(R) energy gels.

About CTS

Carmichael Training Systems, founded in 1999, is a community of athletes and coaches dedicated to improving the performance and lives of athletes of all levels and disciplines. Led by Chris Carmichael, CTS brings coaching expertise, product advice and endurance sports information to the athletic community via the Internet ( and through personal training camps and clinics. CTS works with a wide variety of athletes including five- time Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong, 2000 Triathlon Olympic Gold Medallist Simon Whitfield, Montreal Canadiens Captain Saku Koivu, 2001 Mountain Bike World Champion Alison Dunlap, World Record Swimmer Ed Moses and Indy Car racer Eliseo Salazar. CTS is also the official coaching authority of the US Postal Service Cycling Team and the Trek/VW Mountain bike team. CTS also serves as the official coaching service for the US Paralympic cycling team.

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