Premier Beverage Group launches new energy beverage OSO

Premier Beverage Group launches new energy beverage OSO

The premium energy beverage contains natural ingredients, including taurine, guarana, and stevia.

Premier Beverage Group has already changed the face of the premium functional beverage market niche with its new and exclusive all-natural energy beverage formulation and its equally new and distinctive iconic packaging for its OSO line of premium energy beverages.  Today, Premium Beverage Group has further changed this fast-growing market as it unveiled a sleek new website,, highlighting its alternative new energy beverage, OSO.  

"Custom formulated and manufactured in Austria using only the purest spring water, OSO is an all-natural energy beverage," according to Fouad Kallamni, Premier Beverage Group's President. "OSO is also the only commercially-available product with exciting, designer-created premium glass bottling, suitable for even the most up-scale venues.  Now, OSO has a sleek new website,, which is fully consistent with the high quality of both our all-natural formulas and our tailor made packaging.
"The website focuses on the story of OSO's creation, my decade-long exploration to create the perfect top-shelf energy beverage, one that even the most exclusive venues in New York City, Miami or LA could serve with pride, either straight or as the basis of custom cocktails," Kallamni explained.  "I worked with the most talented formulators of beverages, which I found in Austria, the birthplace and motherland of energy drinks.  They joined me in my quest to create an energy beverage like no other.  

"What we created," Kallamni said, "in both our Gold and White Gold named formulas – is a drink that will seduce your senses with notes of fruit, while the purity of its effervescent bubbles releases a crisp and vibrant energizing finish.  The energy comes from the finest, natural ingredients, including taurine, caffeine and guarana, sweetened by pure cane sugar (Gold) or Stevia, a natural sweetener, along with a hint of fructose (White Gold).  The result is a sophisticated energy beverage that elevates your spirits, packaged in an elegant glass bottle designed to be welcome along side the world's leading brands."

The new website will, beginning in Q1 of 2012, include an e-commerce page allowing for direct ordering of our products.

"While other can-packaged energy drinks focus on extreme sports and an extreme lifestyle pursued by few," Kallamni concluded, "our site reflects our sophisticated taste and remarkable purity.  It tells the story of OSO, and sets the stage for a beverage experience unmatched by any other."

About Premier Beverage Group
Premier Beverage Group (OTC: PBGC) is a holding company that – through its subsidiary, OSO Beverages – owns, develops, markets and distributes high-end premium functional beverages.  Premier Beverage Group's flagship brand, OSO, is a premium energy beverage offered primarily to on-premise accounts.  OSO – offered in both regular and sugar-free flavors – is produced in Austria, using only the finest ingredients – resulting in a clear, crisp energy beverage and an up-market consumer experience.  For more information on Premier Beverage Group, please visit  For more information on OSO Beverages, please visit

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