Presenting Two Webinars with ABC's Mark Blumenthal

Presenting Two Webinars with ABC's Mark Blumenthal

A Webinar is a Web-based seminar, transmitted over the Web. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements -- the ability to give, receive and discuss information. By using a telephone and your computer workstation or conference room projector, you will participate in a full graphic seminar with Mark Blumenthal, complete with PowerPoint® slides and other media without any travel expense. You will be able to ask questions as you work with Mark to gain the most from this experience.

Friday, Sept. 29 2PM EDT

"Dynamic Opportunities: New and Promising Herbal Products and Ingredients"

Examine a wide array of new botanical and plant-derived ingredients that are being introduced and marketed in the North American dietary supplement market. Blumenthal, founder and executive director of the American Botanical Council and editor of its peer-reviewed journal HerbalGram, will review many of the recently popular ingredients, some of the traditional uses and clinical trial data that are being cited as support for safety and benefits. The seminar will cover single ingredients as well as proprietary herb combinations, patenting as a means of protection and market differentiation, and clinical trials to help substantiate benefits and structure/function claims.
Thursday, Nov. 16 2PM EST

"The High Value of Clinical Studies of Herbs and Herbal Ingredients: Instilling Confidence, Countering Negative Media"

Blumenthal discusses how medical professionals, journalists, regulators, congressional members and some consumer groups have long been calling for more clinical documentation of the claims being made for many herb and dietary supplement products in the U.S. market. While pressure to conduct clinical trials on ingredients and finished products is high, the current regulatory system in the U.S. does not require clinical testing. There is a correlation between the popularity of some of the top-selling herbs and clinical trials, this Webinar will discuss this issue of borrowed science, claims about phytoequivalence, and the lessons that can be learned from the experience of the clinically-tested brands.

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