PrimaVu Herbal Eye Drops Acuta Introduced

Acuta Botanical Drops Soothe & Cleanse Eyes with Natural Ingredients

SAN DIEGO, Sep 28, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- PrimaVu(TM), a leading brand of specialized herbal health care products, today introduced PrimaVu Herbal Eye Drops Acuta. This new eye drop has been carefully formulated in accordance with homeopathic principles to help cleanse and soothe the eyes, relieving the irritation or "itchiness" associated with exposure to allergens and environmental contaminants like pollen, smog, smoke, dust and pollution. The new botanical Acuta formula joins PrimaVu's popular original Herbal Eye Drops, intended for relief of dry, tired eyes. Both of these botanically-based eye drop products offer a refreshing alternative for those who are seeking a gentle, more natural choice to the traditional "pharmacy" eye drops.

PrimaVu Herbal Eye Drops Acuta contains a special combination of homeopathic dilutions of four herbal ingredients. Fennel and Yellow Sweet Clover provide gentle cleansing of irritated eyes. German Chamomile and Euphrasia (Eyebright), provide soothing relief from the irritation. Prepared in Europe, in a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical facility in accordance with principles of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS), PrimaVu's Herbal Eye Drops Acuta offers those who are suffering from eye irritation with a safe and natural alternative to common eye drop products.

"Many people routinely suffer from irritated, `itchy' eyes, as a result of common environmental contaminants. With PrimaVu, they can now choose botanically-based eye drops that don't expose the eye to high levels of chemicals and preservatives," stated PrimaVu's distributor, Roger Carr, president of Molecular Health Commerce (MHCI). PrimaVu's soothing, homeopathic, botanically-based formula cleanses, refreshes and calms irritated eyes and supports the eye's natural ability to alleviate irritation, redness and soreness.

All of PrimaVu's formulas contain higher concentrations of botanical extracts than other homeopathic brands, to provide effective, comforting relief. The Acuta Eye Drops multi-dose bottle is compact -- ideal for people on the go. PrimaVu Herbal Eye Drops Acuta and the original Herbal Eye Drops are available in major natural foods retailers and through select national pharmacy outlets.

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