Probiotics From Nutraceutix Shown in Clinical Research to Enhance Immune Function

REDMOND, Wash., June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- As presented by university researchers at the North American Research Conference on Complementary and Integrative Medicine in Edmonton, probiotic tablets manufactured by Nutraceutix, Inc. were shown to enhance phagocytosis by monocytes and neutrophils in a healthy adult human population.

The Immunobiotix(R) tablets involved in the study include a proprietary blend of natural, non-GMO probiotic organisms produced by Nutraceutix and incorporate Nutraceutix's patent-pending BIO-tract(R) delivery technology that delivers live organisms past harsh stomach acids to the intestinal tract. The uniquely formulated Immunobiotix(R) tablets allowed researchers to identify and confirm specific immune system changes that can result from consuming a high-viability, properly delivered probiotic supplement.

Past research has suggested that probiotics might modulate compromised immune system responsiveness but few studies have looked specifically at the impact that probiotics have on healthy immune systems, and even fewer have focused on specific immune system changes. Additionally, many studies have involved dosage patterns that do not translate into marketable
products. However, this study was designed by researchers to illuminate specific effects in the largest potential community (healthy individuals) and to do so utilizing a consumer-friendly dosage form that ensures the delivery of live organisms to the intestines.

"This is a strong indicator that properly delivered probiotics are able to positively impact our overall health by supporting a key component of the immune system. I am certain that our collection of probiotic manufacturing expertise, patented processing and the BIO-tract(R) technology contributed to the positive impact seen in this study," commented Tim Gamble, Vice President at Nutraceutix. He added, "We are also very pleased to see another validation of our quality control and good manufacturing practices, as the finished Immunobiotix(R) tablets had to pass extensive testing for organism viability, strain identification, and product purity prior to being used in the research at the university."

Nutraceutix supplies nearly twenty naturally occurring probiotic strains and incorporates patented LiveBac(R) processing, and the patent-pending BIO-tract(R) and new ViaBlend(TM) delivery technologies into custom probiotic products. Finished probiotic products produced by Nutraceutix benefit from patented LiveBac(R) processing for heightened viability and extended shelf-life. Nutraceutix delivers powders, capsules and tablets with or without advanced delivery technologies in bulk or finished bottles for quality conscious brands and retailers.

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