ProCondition(TM)22 a new multi-functional, naturally derived conditioning agent

S. Black Ltd is pleased to introduce onto the UK and Ireland Personal Care market ProCondition™22 from Inolex. This multi-functional, naturally derived conditioning agent is derived from the Brassicacae oil, using the entirety of the whole oil and has been shown in efficacy studies tests to provide:

• Cost effective behenyl conditioning.
• Superb emulsification with high viscosity at lower usage levels.
• Excellent rinse-ability without any build -up on the hair.
• Superior anti-static (fly-away) results for ease of dry combing
• Good ecology profile being both bio-degradable with a low irritation potential

This impressive cationic conditioner has also been proven to exhibit superior performance when compared to traditional cationic materials such as cetrimonium chloride, behentrimonium chloride, and stearamidopropyl dimethylamine.

With it’s multi-functional benefits, ProCondition™22 can repair the hair shaft, provide great ease of dry combing all with emulsion attributes such as richness, texture and feel that consumers love in an effective conditioner.

Following the latest major trend in toiletries and cosmetics for natural/botanical materials, ProCondition™22’s derivation from the natural Brassica derived materials should also give added consumer appeal.

For further information please contact:

Mike Todd
S. Black Ltd
Foxholes Business Park
John Tate Road
Hertford, Herts
SG13 7YH
Tel:01992 825555
E: [email protected]

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