Product launched for boomers with more-than-skin-deep interest in aging

With almost 80 million Baby Boomers (age 40 and over) set to work longer in their careers and better informed than previous generations about health & beauty care, Provix BioActive skinceutical products has announced the availability of new Seña Skin Conditioning Mist. Specifically created to address skin conditions of both men and women over 40, Seña Skin Conditioning Mist features proven active ingredients and is rich in free-radical protecting antioxidants as well as a carefully formulated combination of skin-penetrating trace minerals.

This unique blend of powerfully soothing ingredients combine to improve the skin’s:

● Tone & Collagen

● Brightness & coloration

● Appearance of fine lines

● Moisturization and more.

Each ingredient in the new Seña Skin Conditioning Mist was selected for its research-proven benefits and skin-penetrating bioactivity, according to Provix President, Steve Lay. “We are focused on developing products that address the Baby Boomer’s understandable desire to not only look younger, but to feel younger when it comes to three important lifestyle categories.” Mr. Lay says those Boomer-critical lifestyle categories are: 1. Career enhancement (not showing their age); 2. Preventing, slowing down and even reversing the typical effects of aging; and 3. Personal satisfaction in using a product that actually works.

One of the most impressive ingredients in new Seña Skin Conditioning Mist is one already well-known for its burn and wound healing properties, Aloe vera. In fact, a recent study on the moisturizing effects of all-natural Aloe vera provides valuable insight into how the versatile plant works its wonders on the skin.

Including Aloe in Seña Skin Conditioning Mist was a natural, says Robert Espinoza, QA Manager at the leading aloe manufacturer, Texas-based Aloecorp. “The combination of botanicals, vitamins and minerals in this application is truly unique. This product will not only refresh [the user] as it is sprayed on, it will also moisturize and aid in maintenance of healthy skin. There is also a conditioning agent which leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and refreshed.”

Aloecorp was instrumental in developing the unique formulation of new Seña Skin Conditioning Mist, which contains one of the highest levels of 200x Ultra Aloe available on the market today. Ultra Aloe is a moisturizer with guaranteed levels of bioactive polysaccharides to ensure protection of the skin’s natural defenses. All other ingredients were carefully selected for their research-proven skin benefits, skin-penetrating bioactivity, and other critical attributes. Other special age-defying ingredients in the exciting new face and body hydrating mist include:

ü Specially harvested Algae Extracts from the ocean’s bed

ü TMC 70tm with more than 70 pure Earth Trace Minerals including Zinc, Copper and Amino Acids

ü Bioactive Aloe Vera Gel with 10% polysaccharides

ü Patented Vitamin E – a fat-soluble antioxidant and essential moisturizer

ü Nutraceutical-grade herbal extracts of anti-aging Green Tea and Grape Seed

ü Advanced technology Vitamin C

ü Skin-penetrating, all-natural oils of Macadamia Nuts and Olives

This carefully blended balance of skin conditioning and rejuvenating ingredients results in a potent, specially crafted body mist that helps restore resiliency and elasticity to the skin while increasing brightness and tightness to skin tone. The convenient and effective new face and body hydrating mist is an antioxidant-rich formula ideal for use as an after-shower conditioner, as quick relief for dry and rough skin, to add tightness to the skin, for day-long use as a refreshing, revitalizing mist and as an exceptional base for any foundation, blush or color, or even to “set” make-up.

In development five years, Seña Skin Conditioning Mist is another Provix BioActive product created to enhance a person’s real and perceived “image” of how old they look and feel. The company’s “Inside-Out and Outside-In” approach to product design is a result of research showing that how a person is perceived in the workforce affects how that person actually performs.

Provix BioActive products are specially conceived and formulated to focus on the concerns of maturing men and women and to provide this rapidly growing market with anti-aging products that produce research-proven benefits from the outside in (topicals) and the inside out (ingestibles). Provix Bioactive products are available online at For more information about Seña Skin Conditioning Mist or Provix BioActive products, email [email protected].

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