Product launches with Chr. Hansen's probiotic ingredient

Product launches with Chr. Hansen's probiotic ingredient

Shortly after the launch of Chr. Hansen’s powerful probiotics + fiber supplements concept, consumer products are available in European markets.

Shortly after the launch of Chr. Hansen’s powerful probiotics + fiber supplements concept, consumer products are available in European markets.

This month, the British dietary supplements producer Wren Woman_stomach_mediumLaboratories Ltd. launches a consumer product in the UK under the brand ‘OptiBac Probiotics’. Like the Italian product it is a stick with a powder blend of the probiotic strain BB-12® and fiber to be sifted over breakfast cereals or poured into a glass of water daily or twice a day.

“We are excited about launching this product which is made to support a healthy balance of probiotics and prebiotics in the gut to help maintain regular bowel movements,” says Jalal Janmohamed, Director of Wren Laboratories. “I am confident that UK consumers who seek a natural way of maintaining a healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut will welcome this powerful line extension to our ‘OptiBac Probiotics’ product range.”

In February 2011, the product ‘Yovis Regola’ hit the Italian market under the well-known brand Yovis. The product is a 6 g. stick combining Chr. Hansen’s probiotic strain Bifidobacterium BB- 12® and fiber. It is marketed by the pharmaceutical company Sigma-Tau and distributed in pharmacies across Italy.

“The innovative formulation with fiber and probiotics allows for a distinct market positioning,” says Mr. Andrea Lucci, Marketing Manager OTC Division of Sigma-Tau, and continues: “The product uses scientifically documented probiotic strains, so we can be sure that it has the efficacy we promote. This gives the product the right credibility towards consumers. We strongly believe in the product concept and are investing heavily in promoting ‘Yovis Regola’ during the launch period.”

“We developed the concept to support dietary supplements producers who demanded a product which could help people tackle constipation,” says Charlotte Beyerholm, Marketing Manager, Human Health & Nutrition, Chr. Hansen. “The fact that the concept which combines efficacious probiotics and beneficial fibers excites the industry confirms that our development matches the market need. Apart from the Italian and British launches we are working with a number of companies in other countries on probiotics + fiber products.”

About Chr. Hansen

Chr. Hansen is a global bioscience company that develops natural ingredient solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. All solutions are based on strong research and development competencies and significant technology investments. Revenue in FY2009/10 was EUR 576 million. The company enjoys market leadership in all its divisions: Cultures & Enzymes, Health & Nutrition and Natural Colors. There are more than 2,300 dedicated employees in over 30 countries. Chr. Hansen which was founded in 1874 is listed on the NASDAQ OMX stock exchange in Copenhagen, Denmark. For further information, please visit

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