Proliant Inc. Highlights the Need for Broader Immunity in Humans

(April 14, 2003), Ames, IA- Proliant Inc.’s sister company American Protein Corporation (APC, Inc.) recently published an animal study in the Journal of Dairy Science testing the efficacy of bovine serum proteins in a coronavirus challenge model. Bovine coronavirus is similar to the virus found to be the cause of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

“Bovine serum supplementation was shown to decrease the severity of disease in young calves exposed to coronavirus. The study supports the concept that immunoglobulin (Ig) and/or other serum proteins can promote recovery by modulating the production of inflammatory cytokines often generated in this type of challenge” says John Arthington, an immunologist with the University of Florida who conducted the study.

Proliant markets a purified Ig fraction from bovine serum for use in dietary supplements called ImmunoLin®. “Whether the naturally occurring antibodies to bovine coronavirus or other anti-viral peptides in bovine serum will cross-react with the virus or provide some protection against the new strain is not yet known. But, this is the only in vivo study we are aware of that demonstrates a positive effect of a dietary supplement ingredient on recovery from a coronavirus infection.” comments Eric Weaver, Ph.D., Vice President, Proliant Health Division.

“Humans now live in such a clean existence that our immune systems are becoming increasingly “naïve” which makes us more susceptible to these types of challenges. A number of organisms take advantage of naïve immune systems in both animals and humans including E. coli, cryptosporidia, rotavirus, and Salmonella sp.. Since the production of antibodies is a major part of building immunity against these organisms, it makes sense that these same antibodies can be used to supplement the immunity of another.” states Dr. Weaver, “It is a proven concept in raising animals. Sixty published studies support the in vivo efficacy of Ig supplementation and 80% of the young pigs raised in the US are currently fed supplements containing Ig. Bovine Ig should be very useful in broadening immunity in humans.”

About Proliant
Proliant Inc. manufactures and markets protein products for the food, nutrition, human health, nutraceutical, diagnostic, life science research, biopharmaceutical and veterinary vaccine industries around the world.

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