Promatrix® Announces First U.S. Product : Primobolan® Acetate Orals

Promatrix® is a leading biotechnology company in the field of the metabolic nutrition associated with hormonal response and human performance, which is dedicated to develop, manufacture, and market approved and clinically effective nutraceuticals that address significant human performance needs.

“We are extremely optimistic that Promatrix® will become a predominant entity in the sports supplement market. We feel this way not only because of Primobolan® but because of our dedication to nutraceutical research,” said Sal Abraham M.S. R.D., Dir. of Research & Patent Development. Primobolan® Acetate is a hormonal analog of a naturally occurring substance found in the human body. It is designed to inhibit estrogen formation while simultaneously promoting the natural production of total and active testosterone. Primobolan® Acetate primarily functions as an aromatase inhibitor thus inhibiting estrogen formation and stimulating natural testosterone production. The stimulation of total and free testosterone promotes muscle mass, strength, and recovery while the inhibition of estrogen may contribute to fat loss and muscle hardening.

Individuals who can benefit from this compound include anyone interested in altering their physique and athletic performance. This compound may also be utilized by pro-hormone or non pro-hormone users. This new patent pending compound is truly an essential supplement for anyone concerned with physique, strength, recovery and libido enhancements.

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