PromOat, Oatworks co-brand smoothies

PromOat, Oatworks co-brand smoothies

Oatworks smoothies will be the first products in the U.S. co-branded with PromOat, an oat beta glucan ingredient.

PromOat, the oat beta glucan ingredient from Swedish company Biovelop, has been chosen by US brand Oatworks for its new line of healthy oat and fruit smoothies.

PromOat, which is naturally derived from Swedish oats using Biovelop’s patented technology, enables the health benefits of oats to be incorporated into the Oatworks smoothies, providing satiety and energy.

The Oatworks smoothies will be the first products in the USA to be co-branded with PromOat. David Peters, Director of Sales & Marketing for Biovelop commented: “We are very excited for PromOat to be partnering with Oatworks, a brand which shares our values of providing innovative, healthy products to the consumer. Oatworks has taken oats to a whole new level with their beautifully-designed packaging and high-quality ingredients, and we are delighted that they have recognized the ability of PromOat to add value to their products.”

Oatworks will initially be launched in three flavours – Mango & Peach, Pomegranate & Blueberry, and Strawberry & Banana – with additional flavours planned for later in the year.

“Our objective with Oatworks was to create a range of delicious, natural and genuinely healthy products, which allow our customers to enjoy the incredible benefits of oatmeal while on the go,” said Tom First, Managing Partner at First Beverage Group, which is managing the Oatworks product line, and one of the “two Toms” who co-founded Nantucket Nectars. “PromOat is an outstanding ingredient and has enabled us to do just that, adding both nutrition and a deliciously smooth texture to our Oatworks beverages.”

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