Proprietary Nutritionals Attains Marketing Rights for Celadrin Joint Health Ingredient

BRANTFORD, ONTARIO, August 12, 2004--Proprietary Nutritionals Inc. (PNI) announced today that it has been granted the license to develop the market for Celadrin®, a natural ingredient for joint health developed by Imagenetix Inc. PNI will market the product worldwide, with the exception of India and China.

Celadrin is a natural compound composed of esterified fatty acid carbons (EFACs) and other active synergists. It can be formulated into both pill and cream forms. Published research has shown that people taking both forms of Celadrin experienced significant improvement in knee range of motion and decreased knee pain, without side effects.

Dean Mosca, President of PNI, said “Celadrin works faster than other natural ingredients and doesn’t have the side effects of drugs. We think it is the perfect new product for the $22 billion joint health market. Furthermore, it has already been published twice in the Journal of Rheumatology and we are awaiting acceptance of a third study to be accepted for publication by the end of October, 2004 so the science demonstrating efficacy is solid.”

Bill Spencer, President of Imagenetix, added, “Celadrin is effective and easy to use, separately, or in formulations with other compounds. We’re excited about working with Proprietary Nutritionals to help make it a household brand.”

In a double blind, placebo-controlled study of people with knee pain conducted at the University of Connecticut, researchers found that 100% of patients using Celadrin topical cream were able to move faster, with less pain when climbing stairs or rising from a chair. This data, along with previous research data on the Celadrin pill, has been published in the Journal of Rheumatology.

Celadrin is manufactured in the United States under good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and undergoes a proprietary process that enables it to penetrate the cell membrane for maximum efficacy.

Based in San Diego, CA, Imagenetix Inc. is an innovator of scientifically tested and proprietary bioceutical products developed to enhance human and animal health. Visit for more information, or call 858/674-8455.

Proprietary Nutritionals, Brantford, ON, is a marketer of patented, scientifically proven, branded ingredients to the nutraceutical industry.

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