Proprietary Nutritionals Launches Next-Generation Benexia™ Chia: Benexia™ ALA Powder

Dean Mosca, President of Proprietary Nutritionals, Inc., has announced the availability of Benexia™ ALA Powder, a new patent-pending neutral tasting, water-soluble omega 3 microencapsulated powder for numerous food applications.

The patent pending title is, "Invention patent for a chia-based fatty acids food product, rich in Omega-2 with good stability, easily soluble (mixable) in water.” It offers outstanding stability in food formulations and in liquids.

The benefits of Benexia™ ALA, derived from the chia oil, come from the essential fatty acids contained in it (omega-3 ALA more than 21% with only a 6% of omega-6 LA). “This is a very good ALA:LA ratio (3 to 1),” comments Mosca. “These health benefits include cardiovascular, brain and immune system support, as well as support of a healthy inflammatory response.”

In comparison to conventional omega-3 sources, the benefits of Benexia™ ALA Powder include: superior content of omega-3 EFA, oxidative stability, highly soluble, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, no cholesterol or trans-fats, no fishy taste, smell or reflux, and does not pose any allergy or safety risks. “With Benexia’s entire product range we help food producers to develop tailor-made marketing concepts with positive, convincing, clear and credible health messages based on solid scientific data,” says Mosca.

According to Nutrition Business Journal, functional foods sales in the U.S. are growing at 10.2% in a market valued at $31 billion. According to Packaged Facts, strong growth with Omega-3 fortified foods, functional bars, breads, and cereals. The omega-3 market has grown from $100 million to $2 billion between 2002 and 2006 and this market estimated to reach $7 billion in the US by 2011.

Benexia™ ALA Powder is quality certified by Global GAP, GMP and HACCP for seed selection.

About PNI
Proprietary Nutritionals, Inc., a subsidiary of Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc., is located in Kearny, New Jersey, USA. PNI markets Celadrin® Joint Flexibility & Relief, and other patented, scientifically proven, branded ingredients to the nutraceuticals industry. For further information, visit or call 519/647-2071.

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