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Proteome Systems and Nestle Announce Research Collaboration on the Glycoproteomics of Milk

SYDNEY, Australia and LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Dec. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Proteome Systems and Nestle today announced an agreement to collaborate on a glycoproteomics research program to analyze the sugars attached to proteins in milk. Sugar modifications to proteins are increasingly being implicated in the control of the function of many proteins and may be important in modulating the activity of milk proteins.

Dr. Nicolle Packer, Ph.D., Executive VP Glycobiology, Proteome Systems said, "We are very excited about taking part in this project as it emphasizes the renewed interest of scientists in understanding the importance of what is added to the protein in defining what that protein does in biological systems. The analysis of the complexity of the many sugars that are attached to proteins (glycoproteomics) is the next frontier in proteomics research and to date, this analysis has been difficult to carry out in proteomics-focused laboratories. We are looking forward to applying our expertise and platform of glycoproteomic analysis, GlycomIQ(TM), to the analysis of these sugars on biologically relevant proteins in milk.

"As a world leader in nutrition products, Nestle has the duty to be at the front line of the scientific knowledge regarding the understanding of all nutritional and biological functions of food and dietary components. To address questions related to the biological significance of the glycosylation of dietary proteins, we are looking forward to working together with the glycobiology group of Proteome Systems, a group which has developed the required expertise and platform," said Dr. Jean-Richard Neeser, Ph.D., Head of Bioscience Department, Nestle Research Center.

"Proteome Systems' glycobiology group has a focus on developing enabling technologies for determining the structures of sugars at the level of proteomic analysis and applying these technologies to the exciting emerging area of 'sweet medicines'. We see this project as reflecting the start of the emerging interest in the importance of sugars in biology," said Dr. Keith Williams, Ph.D., CEO, Proteome Systems

About Proteome Systems

Proteome Systems is a leading proteomics technology, diagnostics and discovery company. With its technology partners, Proteome Systems has developed and commercialized a comprehensive solution for high throughput proteomics, which is available as a total solutions package, ProteomIQ(TM). These technologies, integrated by a proprietary and sophisticated bioinformatics system, BioinformatIQ(TM), are being marketed as part of a global strategic alliance with IBM. ProteomIQ is implemented in Proteome Systems discovery programs in the areas of cystic fibrosis, cancer, infectious disease and aging. Proteome Systems has R&D and manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Australia and Boston, USA and a joint venture (Proteome Systems Japan) with Itochu Corporation in Tokyo, Japan. Proteome Systems recently formed a joint venture with Charles River Laboratories, Wilmington, USA (Charles River Proteomics Services Inc.) to provide contract services in proteomics.

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BioinformatIQ, GlycomIQ and ProteomIQ are trademarks of Proteome Systems

About Nestle

With sales of USD 50.4 billion (EUR 57.2 billion), in 2001, Nestle is the world's leading food company. It employs 230 000 people in 468 factories located in 84 countries around the world. The company was founded in 1867 in Switzerland, where it still has its international headquarters at Vevey on the shores of Lake Geneva. Nestle is the worldwide leader in soluble coffee (Nescafe), infant nutrition (Nan, Nido, Beba), bottled water (Perrier, Vittel, Pure Life, Aquarel), chocolate and malted drinks (Nesquik, Milo), chocolate and confectionery (KitKat, Smarties, After Eight) and has strong positions in culinary products (Maggi, Buitoni, Stouffer's) and pet food (Purina, Friskies).

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