Protica launches new high-protein, weight-loss candy

Protica launches new high-protein, weight-loss candy

Protica has announced that its new candy, Protein Twist, can support consumers trying to lose weight.

Protica has announced that its new candy, Protein Twist® can help consumers lose weight. Protein Twist is a gummy candy with a similar texture and consistency to the traditional gummy candies already on the market. What separates Protein Twist from other gummy candies on the market is its formulation. Each one ounce serving of Twist contains fifteen grams of protein, two grams of fiber and a full serving of fruit.    

Protein Twist’s high protein content can help a dieter lose weight when taken before a meal. The high protein content in Twist will help a person eat less and feel more satiated. The protein in Twist combined with the fiber and serving of fruit will help a person stay full for a longer period of time after a meal.

There are many diets that suggest a person consume several small, healthy meals throughout the day instead of the three large meals that most consumers eat on a daily basis. The idea behind this eating plan is that the body will consistently be working to digest healthy nutrients, increasing metabolism and as a result, burning calories more efficiently. Twist has the nutritional composition to qualify as one of the small meals recommended as part of this weight loss eating plan. The body has to work harder to digest protein compared to any other nutrient, so the high protein content in Twist can help to increase metabolism even more.

Exercise is also an important part of weight loss. It can be difficult to begin an exercise regimen if a person has not been physically active for a long period of time. The high nutritional content of Twist can help provide extra energy to make it through a workout. Its one ounce size is small enough that it will not cause a feeling of being overly full or bloated if taken before a workout. Twist’s 100 calories per serving will not reverse the effort of the workout.

Protica is confident that their new Protein Twist candy will be an effective weight loss tool when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

About Protica

Founded in 2001, Protica, Inc. is a research-based nutraceutical firm headquartered in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. In its privately owned 250,000 square foot facility, Protica manufactures capsulized foods, such as Profect® ready-to-drink liquid protein beverage, Isometric® ready-to-drink meal replacement shot, Fruitasia® ready-to-drink fruit and vegetable shot, Protein Gem® ready-to-eat healthy gelatin, Protein Twist® ready-to-eat protein candy, Pediagro® ready-to-drink children's meal replacement, Proasis® all natural ready-to-drink liquid protein shot, and many other brands in ready-to-drink and ready-to-eat form. To learn more about Protica please visit

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