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Protient Introduces Goat Milk Protein Concentrate

Protient, Inc., of St. Paul, MN introduces an exciting new product, CaproAmino 5189. CaproAmino 5189 is an 80% milk protein concentrate made from goat’s milk. It has unique nutritional qualities suitable for many food applications.

For centuries, goat’s milk has been known to be more digestible than cow’s milk. This is because goat’s milk contains smaller protein molecules which are closer in size and composition to human milk. Inside the stomach, goat milk protein (such as that found in CaproAmino 5189) forms a softer curd, making the protein more easily and rapidly digestible thereby increasing the absorption rate. This is especially important for sports nutrition, weight loss and other formulas where quality protein is critical and rapid absorption is desired.

Goat’s milk protein also has allergen advantages; goat’s milk contains only trace amounts of the allergenic casein protein alpha-S1 found in cow’s milk. Therefore, formulas containing CaproAmino 5189 goat milk proteins create less allergic reactions than formulas containing milk or whey proteins.

CaproAmino 5189 is produced from goat’s milk that is rBGH (BST) free. The flavor of CaproAmino 5189 is excellent; its bland and favorable flavor profile makes formulating with CaproAmino 5189 easy. Recommended applications include sports nutrition, weight loss, and functional food formulations.

Protient is the world’s fastest growing manufacturer of nutritional proteins, featuring whey, milk and soy proteins. Corporate headquarters are strategically located in St. Paul, Minnesota with manufacturing facilities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Missouri, Utah and New Mexico. For further information, contact Protient at 651-638-2600 or visit our website at

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