PteroMax measures highest on antioxidant test

PteroMax measures highest on antioxidant test

Biotivia’s PteroMax has received a record breaking ORAC (antioxidant capacity) level from Brunswick Labs, the authority on antioxidant testing.

Biotivia, the leading manufacturer of resveratrol based supplements for the medical, consumer and functional food markets, have recently had its Pterostilbene supplement, PteroMax, receive a record breaking ORAC (antioxidant capacity) level from Brunswick Labs, the authority on antioxidant testing.

Pterostilbene, the principal ingredient in PteroMax, is a highly bioactive analog of resveratrol which has exhibited potential cognitive, chemo-preventative, and cholesterol lowering properties. A senior scientist working at the US Dept of Agriculture research lab recently stated, "The more we study pterostilbene, the more we see its huge potential in the human health field"

Pterostilbene is contained in very small amounts in blue berries and is thought to account for the brain boosting power, and heart health properties of this fruit. Pterostilbene is closely related to resveratrol but has shown even more potent health effects for reduction of cholesterol and improvement of memory and cognition in tests on animals.

Biotivia scientists combined concentrated pterostilbene with trans-resveratrol, polydatin, piceid and a complex of OPCs and polyphenols from fruit extracts to create the first true multi-stilbene complex.

PteroMax is uniquely powerful at neutralizing free radicals and boosting your body's defenses against reactive oxidative stress (ROS). It has been tested by Brunswick Laboratory, the leading authority on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) test, and received a rating of 21,214 which is the highest for any dry supplement the lab has tested.

James Betz, Founder and CEO of Biotivia, says: "PteroMax sets a new standard for supplement antioxidant capacity. PteroMax, a multi-stilbene longevity supplement containing Pterostilbene and other resveratrol analogs, has eclipsed every advanced antioxidant on the market. Given the formulation of PteroMax this test result was not a great surprise, and only serves to confirm that we accomplished what we set out to do when we formulated PteroMax."

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