Pumpkins are Not Just For Pies Anymore

Fair Lawn N.J. – When Dale Bellisfield first tasted pumpkin seeds, she was a young girl sitting in the kitchen with her mother. “Pepitas” were her mother’s favorite comfort food. Now, years later, she has taken “comfort food” to a new level. Bellisfield enters the growing organic food industry with The Fertile Hand, a line of savory and sweet, “snack healthy,” ready-to-eat pumpkin seeds. The difference between her product line and other snack foods is that Dale and her husband, Noel, combine science with tradition and flavor.

Dale, a Clinical Herbalist and an RN, along with her husband Noel Nowicki, MD, a holistic physician and acupuncturist, pool their knowledge and experience to create nutritional “powerhouse” products in five varieties: Extra Hot, Spicy Garlic, Barely Salted, Sweet Cinnamon, and Dark Chocolate.

“We knew that most of our patients had awful diets”, explains Bellisfield. “Yet they were coming to us out of a desire to be healthy. Since many people live on snack foods, we decided to develop a nutritionally superior and delicious fast food made from pumpkin seeds. We test marketed the pepitas in Noel’s office and the patients loved them! The snacks really helped to make our clients more aware of the power of real food. The next step was getting them into the world!”

Pumpkin seeds have been valued as a healing remedy for thousands of years, and cultivated for over 9000 years as both food and medicine. They are lower in fat than most any other nuts or seeds. Also, they are a superior source of heart-healthy protein. High in reproductive (prostate health) and immune-building zinc, they are also a superb source of digestion-aiding fiber. They are even rumored to be an aphrodisiac!

Bellisfield chose each of the spices in her unique recipes for their flavor and health benefits. Dark Chocolate Pepitas: organic semi-sweet chocolate contains four times the antioxidants provided by red wine or green tea. No guilt here! The aroma of organic cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice in combination with natural vanilla and energy-rich organic maple syrup granules in Sweet Cinnamon Pepitas evoke fond memories of homemade desserts. Cinnamon also helps lower cholesterol, supports the body in utilizing insulin and is an excellent digestive aid. The Spicy Garlic Pepitas blend organic garlic and vibrant smoky chipotle chilies to awaken the palate and strengthen the immune system. While the Extra Hot Pepitas, with stimulating organic habanero peppers, are perfect for invigorating circulation. The crisp nutty flavor of the pumpkin seeds themselves are showcased in the Barely Salted Pepitas. With just a pinch of sea salt added to perfectly roasted pumpkin seeds, the healthy high-fiber, high-protein snack can easily become an ingredient to accompany many meals or a meal in itself!

The Fertile Hand Pepitas are available at Whole Foods Northeast stores and many natural food stores, gourmet stores and spas nationwide. They are also available directly from our website. For further product and company information please contact us at 201-797-4794 or www.thefertilehand.com

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About the Creators:

Dale Bellisfield and Noel Nowicki bring an impressively high level of professional expertise to their company. Bellisfield, a Registered Nurse and Clinical Herbalist, is currently the herbalist at the Siegler Center for Integrative Medicine, part of the Saint Barbabas Health Care System, the largest in New Jersey. Ms. Bellisfield also teaches and lectures to health care practitioners and the public on the benefits of the food and medicinal plants. She has contributed to the Julia Child Award-winning cookbook by Rozanne Gold, Healthy 1-2-3.

Dr. Nowicki is an Internist and a Board Certified Medical Acupuncturist with extensive training in integrative medicine. In 1995, he started the outpatient acupuncture clinic at the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in New Jersey. In 2001, Dr. Nowicki received an international award for his research work on the benefits of acupuncture for stroke patients. In addition to his medical acupuncture training, he also possesses a degree in traditional acupuncture. As an active educator, Dr. Nowicki teaches integrative medicine and acupuncture to physicians and other health care providers.

Dale Bellisfield

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