Pure Fruit Technologies to Discuss What Makes a Superfruit During Education Session at Expo West

AMERICAN FORK, Utah, March 5, 2007 - Pure Fruit Technologies, a Utah-based manufacturer of healthy exotic juice supplements, will be hosting an education session entitled "What Makes a Superfruit" at the Natural Products Expo West trade show at the Anaheim Convention Center on Friday, March 9, 2007 from 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. in room 207C.
During this session, Dr. Wayne Geilman, senior research scientist at Pure Fruit Technologies will highlight the nutritional profiles of various superfruits, present scientific evidence outlining their numerous health benefits and discuss ways in which consumers can incorporate these fruits into their daily diet.

Pure Fruit Technologies will also be showcasing its line of potent exotic fruit-based juice supplements including Mango-xan(R) Antioxidant Recovery Formula, Seabuck-7(TM) Rejuvenation Formula, Goji-Zen(TM) Longevity Formula and Gac-Chi(TM) Heart & Vision Formula at their booth #1667 at the show.

* Mango-xan can help alleviate free radical cell damage, support the immune system, increase energy and stamina and promote a healthy digestive system among other benefits. The mangosteen fruit and peel is loaded with xanthones, a powerful class of antioxidants. Of the more than 40 known xanthones, alpha-mangostin is considered the most active xanthone and has been widely studied for its health benefits. Mango-xan's alpha-mangostin content is the highest of any mangosteen supplement.

* Seabuck-7, made from the seabuckthorn berry, can help support circulation and a healthy cardiovascular system, as well as improve skin tone and quality. Seabuck-7 delivers more than 190 bioactive compounds and contains 71 percent more lutein and 24 percent more quercetin than other brands.

* Gac-Chi can help support eye and heart health. Gac fruit is a natural source of lipid-bound beta-carotene and lycopene, which enhances absorption of these key carotenoids. Gac-Chi contains the highest level of dextran polysaccharides compared to other liquid gac supplements.

* Goji-Zen can help fight the natural effects of aging and fortify the muscles. Goji-Zen is one of the only goji supplements that uses the whole berry, peel and pulp. It offers several highly bioavailable compounds including 18 amino acids, 21 minerals, 29 types of fatty acids and numerous B vitamins. Each one-ounce serving also delivers 35 micrograms of betaine, 47 percent more than other brands.

Pure Fruit Technologies is a Utah-based manufacturer of healthy, exotic, whole-fruit juice supplements. The company has searched the globe for exotic fruits that deliver an array of health benefits, including mangosteen, seabuckthorn, goji and gac, and brought them to consumers in the form of potent, high quality and delicious juice supplements. Founded in 2002, Pure Fruit Technologies' first product was Mango-xan(R) Antioxidant Recovery Formula. The company has expanded its offerings to include Seabuck-7(TM) Rejuvenation Formula, Goji-Zen(TM) Longevity Formula and Gac-Chi(TM) Heart & Vision Formula. Pure Fruit Technologies' products are made from the whole fruit and are sold wholesale to health food retailers and distributors worldwide, as well as direct-to-consumers online. To learn more about Pure Fruit Technologies visit www.pft.com.

Natural Products Expo West, www.expowest.com, is the largest natural products tradeshow in North America, spanning 250,000 square feet of exhibit space and attracting buyers from around the globe. This year's annual tradeshow and conference will host more than 2,500 exhibitors and welcome over 38,000 attendees.

To sample Pure Fruit Technologies' exotic juice supplements and learn about their unique health benefits, please stop by booth #1667 at Expo West or contact Courtney Jacobs at 801-538-0777 ext. 102 or [email protected].

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