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Pure Fruit Technologies Launches New Web Site

AMERICAN FORK, Utah, August 11, 2006 - Pure Fruit Technologies, a Utah-based manufacturer of healthy exotic juice supplements, has unveiled the company's new corporate Web site ( to reflect its expanding product line and educate consumers about their whole-fruit juice supplements.

"Exotic fruit juice supplements are still relatively new to the market and with every new product there is a learning curve," stated Dave Boyd, director of global operations, Pure Fruit Technologies. "Unfortunately, some juice supplement companies have taken advantage of that fact by claiming that their juice is a miracle cure-all, which can damage the reputation of the entire industry. It is our goal to provide consumers with the facts so they can make informed decisions about what is a right fit for their nutritional needs, this new Web site will be a key tool in achieving that goal."

The new Web site includes an overview of each of Pure Fruit Technologies'
juice supplements including: the health benefits, nutritional information, scientific studies and historical and nutritional facts about the featured fruits. Consumers can get a list of retail locations that carry Pure Fruit Technologies' products, as well as order the juice supplements directly online. The site also features a press room where media and consumers can locate the latest product and company news.

Pure Fruit Technologies is the Utah-based manufacturer of healthy, exotic, whole-fruit juice supplements. The company has searched the globe for exotic fruits that deliver an array of health benefits, including mangosteen, seabuckthorn, goji and gac, and brought them to consumers in the form of potent, high quality and delicious juice supplements. Founded in 2002, Pure Fruit Technologies' first product was Mango-xan(R) Antioxidant Recovery Formula. The company has expanded its offerings to include Seabuck-7(TM) Rejuvenation Formula, Goji-Zen(TM) Longevity Formula and Gac-Chi(TM) Heart & Vision Formula. The company's products are made from the entire fruit and are sold wholesale to health food retailers and distributors worldwide and are also available direct-to-consumers online.

Visit Pure Fruit Technologies' new Web site at

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