Pure Naturals Certified launches clinical program

Pure Naturals Certified launches clinical program

Claim-Assure program provides well-designed clinical studies, making it efficient and cost effective for supplement companies to support their products.

Pure Naturals Certified, LLC, a specialized Contract Research Organization (CRO) servicing the dietary supplement industry, announces it has officially launched its Claim-Assure™ Clinical Program. Claim-Assure™ is a new program that provides well-designed clinical studies based on PNC’s extensive product development experience; a streamlined process making it more efficient and cost effective for all supplement companies (small, medium and large) to perform the necessary studies to support their products; and a true research partner providing ideas and guidance to take products to the next level.

Dr. William Clark, President and Founder of PNC states, “After spending years developing supplement products and observing the increasing industry trend for validated scientific data to support claims, it was evident the industry needed a specialized CRO that understood the holistic view of product development while keeping the consumer’s well-being in mind.”

The recent trend for supplement companies to provide quality scientific data to substantiate and support their product claims is evidenced by a 70% increase in human clinical trials over the past 10 years according to PubMed data. Dr. Clark states, “Even though there has been an increase in clinical studies on supplements, it is still less than 5% of the products on the market.”

“We see over 100 companies a year that we believe have good nutritional products, but less than 3% have done any kind of clinical testing which is truly required in today’s competitive marketplace.” Stated Ken Johnson, CEO of Thinkubator, Inc., a business development architecture firm that focuses on preparing companies for both investor and distribution channel due diligence. Johnson went on to add, “Listen, consumers and retailers are getting much more educated and are demanding legit testing from

these product manufacturers. If you want to compete long term, companies would be very wise to have their products clinically tested and Claim-Assure™ is a program that has been sorely needed for the nutraceutical, dietary and nutritional supplement industry.”

In addition, the actions of regulators, such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), are requiring and enforcing companies to provide validated scientific data to support their claims, especially for products using ingredients introduced since 1994. Specifically, the FTC has targeted marketers of weight loss products stating they must have at least two (2) clinical studies on their product. Dr. Clark adds, “We understand the demands being placed on supplement companies and are here to help with our cost-effective

Claim-Assure™ Clinical Program. We have years of product development and regulatory experience in this industry whereas other traditional CROs do not. This allows us to provide our customers legitimacy in the market with a competitive edge, increasing success for their products.”

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