Pure World Announces Patent Issued For New Sterilization Process Offering An Alternative To Irradiation And ETO Treatment

BEDMINSTER, N.J.--Jan. 29, 2004--PURE WORLD, INC., (PURW-NASDAQ) today announced issuance by the United States Patent and Trademark Office of the patent, number 6,682,697, entitled "Process for sterilization and disinfecting of agriculture and botanic products."

Paul O. Koether, Pure World's Chairman, stated, "This unique sterilization technology eliminates micro contaminants from herbal powders using a unique oxidation methodology while preserving the integrity of the powder without using irradiation or Ethylene oxide (ETO) treatment. Our technology is environmentally friendly, cost effective and currently in use at our manufacturing facility."

Pure World is a leading manufacturer of botanical products and a renowned product and process innovator in the supplement industry. Koether further stated that the Company is very excited about the issuance of this patent. "We are proud of another significant breakthrough by the highly-skilled, dedicated and motivated R&D staff at Pure World. We salute their achievement in producing this patented process."

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