PureCircle showcases stevia innovation at FiE Paris

PureCircle showcases stevia innovation at FiE Paris

The stevia supplier newest proprietary ingredient, PureCircle Alpha, can be used in a diverse range of foods and beverages and it is well-suited for acidic dairy applications in particular.

Food Ingredients Europe captured the widespread excitement for stevia in the EU and industry wide.  PureCircle exhibited its reputation for leading global stevia innovation through showcasing its breakthrough proprietary ingredient, PureCircle Alpha.  In the fast moving new market, PureCircle revealed its offering has expanded well beyond Reb A, and gave visitors a taste of applications with their newest portfolio addition to prove it.

PureCircle’s newest stevia  ingredient, PureCircle Alpha, was a hit among tasters.  The  zero-calorie stevia ingredient is a proprietary combination of steviol glycosides, which provides a more rounded sweetness and less bitterness than existing stevia sweeteners.  The unique, natural  ingredient was designed for deeper 50-100% calorie reductions and to better appeal to European tastes.   PureCircle Alpha  can be used in a diverse range of foods and beverages and it is exceptionally well-suited for acidic dairy applications. The ingredient further expands PureCircle’s portfolio of stevia ingredients and flavours, including Reb A, SG95, stevia-sucrose combination, and natural flavours.

At the PureCircle sponsored stevia module, Jordi Ferre, President Commercial Division, PureCircle Ltd., highlighted that PureCircle’s innovation of next generation stevia products, like PureCircle Alpha, is only possible with ownership and control of the supply chain.

“PureCircle’s ownership of the supply chain goes beyond 3rd party management. We directly control the process from the very beginning, with the breeding of proprietary seedlings through to the extractions and purification of proprietary ingredients,”  explains Ferre.  “Supply chain ownership allows us to develop next generation stevia ingredients with the speed, scale,  and reliable high quality needed to benefit our customers.   This a clear advantage that PureCircle has over other stevia producers.”

Jason Hecker, Vice President Global Marketing & Innovation, PureCircle Ltd. added, “It was clear from the buzz around stevia at FiE, that European food and beverage manufacturers are ready to bring exciting new products to market.   Those that have been working with PureCircle over the past several years have been progressing their formulations with the benefit of our latest innovations.  For those that had not, the feedback was consistent, “I had no idea how good stevia could be.”

About PureCircle

PureCircle (www.purecircle.com) is the global leader in the production of high purity stevia products. PureCircle is leading the industry with the development of a vertically integrated, sustainable and natural supply chain. Stevia is now being grown for PureCircle across South America, Africa, Asia, and the United States where it provides a sustainable cash crop for rural farming communities in each region.  PureCircle has developed a broad portfolio of ingredient solutions and has pioneered such ingredients as Reb A, SG95, stevia/sugar combinations, and recently introduced breakthrough ingredient PureCircle Alpha for deeper calorie reductions.  The company has also brought to market, PureCircle Flavors, which were developed to enhance flavour and sweetness of other stevia sweeteners, sugar, and HFCS.  PureCircle has extended its reach through joint venture partnerships with leaders in the sugar industry, including Imperial Sugar in the US to create Natural Sweet Ventures, as well as Tereos and Nordzucker in Europe to create Tereos PureCircle Solutions and NPSweet A/S.  As part of its leadership of the stevia industry, PureCircle has pioneered the industry trust mark Stevia PureCircle®, which educates consumers about the benefits of stevia and provides a strong base of trust for both consumers and food & beverage companies alike.  The company has also developed the Global Stevia Institute (globalsteviainstitute.com) led by a global advisory board of internationally recognized health professionals with the mission of promoting accurate, science based information on stevia.  PureCircle’s global headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. PureCircle shares are traded on the LSE AIM index.


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