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PureCircle supplies stevia for Doce Menor sweetener line launch in Brazil

WOW! Nutrition, a pioneer and leading sweetener manufacturer in Brazil, has launched 100% Stevia, a new line of sweeteners under the Doce Menor brand featuring high purity stevia and the stevia by PureCircle trust mark.

WOW! Nutrition, a pioneer and leading sweetener manufacturer in Brazil, has launched 100% Stevia, a new line of sweeteners under the Doce Menor brand featuring high purity stevia and the stevia by PureCircle® trust mark.

Doce Menor offers a variety of zero calorie sweeteners, and 100% Stevia marks their latest product line to be naturally sweetened with stevia, adding great tasting, natural sweetness to foods and beverages without adding calories. The new product line’s natural sweetness comes from stevia by PureCircle®, a great tasting, natural ingredient derived from the stevia plant.

“We are proud to be working with Doce Menor to develop their great tasting 100% Stevia sweetener. Stevia by PureCircle® is contributing to healthier diets for consumers around the world by naturally sweetening food and beverage products,” said Jason Hecker, Vice President of Global Marketing PureCircle Limited. “With consumers demanding more natural and lower calorie options, stevia by PureCircle® delivers a great tasting ingredient that addresses both these needs.”

100% Stevia is the newest addition to the growing number of food and beverage products that carry the stevia by PureCircle® trust mark, which is currently being licensed by leading brands in the US, Latin America, Europe and Asia across more than 50 food and beverage products. The trust mark serves as a symbol of quality and reliable sourcing for consumers and is supported by such activities as PureCircle’s We Grow Joy campaign ( and the Global Stevia Institute (

“We have already had great response from trade and consumers following the launch of our new natural 100% Stevia sweetener line,” said Lígia V. Hernândez, Marketing Manager of WOW! Nutrition. “Stevia by PureCircle® allowed us to create a great tasting, all natural sweetener and provided a point of difference from the current stevia sweeteners in the Brazilian Market and thus enhancing the communication  to our consumers and opinion leaders.”

100% Stevia is nationally distributed in Brazil in powder and liquid form, supported by a national marketing campaign. WOW! Nutrition is the second largest sweetener manufacturer in Brazil with brands such as Doce Menor, Assugrin, and Gold.

About PureCircle

PureCircle ( is the global leader in the production of high purity Stevia products. PureCircle is leading the industry with the development of a strong sustainable natural supply chain. Stevia is now being grown for PureCircle in more than 15 countries across South America, Africa, Asia, and the United States; it provides a sustainable cash crop for rural farming communities in each region. As part of its leadership of the Stevia industry, PureCircle has pioneered the industry trust mark “Stevia PureCircle” that educates consumers about the benefits of Stevia and provides a strong base of trust for both consumers and Food & Beverage companies alike. PureCircle’s global headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. PureCircle shares are traded on the LSE AiM index.

About WOW! Nutrition

WOW! Nutrition specializes in diet foods and healthy beverages. It is committed to the development of high quality, low calorie products. Throughout its history, WOW! Nutrition has invested in innovation and technology to continuously address changing consumer needs and trends.  With a focus on consumers and helping to provide a more balanced and healthy lifestyle, WOW! Nutrition is in tune with the times. WOW! Nutrition  offers a number of diet, child nutrition, women’s health, and family health products through its various brands such as Doce Menor, Assugrin, Gold, Vitalon, and Soyos.

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