Purity Life Health Products 20th Celebration Pays Tribute to Their Many Supporters over the Years

Event honours all those who helped Purity achieve their mission of “empowering people to create well being in their lives”

Acton ON -- On September 22nd, David Chapman, owner and President of Purity Life Health Products, and his wife and partner Elyse, along with friends, colleagues and many of their 160 employees, celebrated Purity Life Health Products’ 20th anniversary with a dinner at the Blue Springs Golf Club in Acton. Though Purity Life is a serious business within the natural health industry, this night was all about fun, friends and family, and how each of these elements played a role in helping Purity achieve their 20-year milestone.

Amoung the honoured guests were Halton Hills Mayor Rick Bonnett, Ted Chudleigh, PC MPP and local MP Mike Chong, in attendance to award David and Elyse with a commemorative plaque recognizing their 20 years in business in the community.

In addition, there were representatives from throughout the natural health industry: Valerie Bell, President of the Canadian Health Food Association and Siegfriede Gursche from alive Magazine; as well as many of Purity Life’s suppliers and retail partners: Ron and Joan Matheson of Halton Commercial Printers; Ethan Goldberg from the Bank of Montreal and Carol Mason from Arctic Packaging.

The anniversary event paid tribute to the hard work, sweat, tears, good & back luck, and never-ending commitment of Purity Life staff and associates over the years. Recognizing the many people involved in the growth of his company, David ended his speech saying, “Purity is truly a partnership, and it could not have happened without my wife Elyse, and the rest of you out here in the audience tonight. Thank you so much.”

Purity Life opened its doors in 1984, with only a handful of products. Through a lot of hard work, spirit and industry savvy, they evolved into not only a major Canadian supplier of natural health products and foods, but also a manufacturer of their own lines of vitamins and minerals, Nature’s Harmony® and Vivitas. Today, Purity Life represents more than 160 product lines with roughly 6,800 SKUs and 2,800 customers across Canada.

For more information on Purity Life Health Products, please visit: www.puritylife.com

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Purity Life Health Products

Katherine Zia
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