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Purity Life Health Products Launches Exciting New Brand into Mass Market Outlets

Sophistication and innovation meet with unique "VIVITAS™" line of products

Acton, ON - Purity Life Health Products, Canada's premier distributor of natural health products, is pleased to announce the launch of VIVITAS™, a new line of supplements created for mass market distribution and stylishly designed to catch the eye of savvy consumers. The new VIVITAS™ line comprises three of today's most innovative supplements: Relora™, a natural Kava alternative for stress management; Coral Calcium, a highly bioavailable form of ionic calcium; and Phase 2™, the only clinically-tested carbohydrate neutralizer on the market. "We are confident that with the combination of innovative products and stylish packaging, the VIVITAS™ brand will be a big hit with Canadian consumers looking for new natural health products to meet their health needs," says John Gibbins, Director of Sales Purity Life Health Products.

Chic brand name & stylish packaging give VIVITAS™ an edge over its peers

VIVITAS™, whose name is a play on the word vivid meaning bright or dramatic, may have a catchy brand name, but it's the classically-modern packaging that will capture consumer attention. With an embossed logo boldly framed in white against a stark contrast of vivid colour, the VIVITAS™ packaging is sure to stand out on store shelves and appeal to today's discriminating consumers. The unique VIVITAS™ packaging also includes an insert explaining product use and cross-sells other products from the VIVITAS™ line. Once the packaging has successfully garnered consumer attention, it's the exciting new products that will maintain that attention.

VIVITAS™ hits the ground running with its first three offerings

VIVITAS™ offers new products that soar above the rest. When consumers first discover the new brand of VIVITAS™ products on their store shelves, they'll notice that the supplements being offered are anything but ordinary:

Relora™ (proprietary blend of extracts from Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense): Relora™ is an exciting new natural, non-sedating stress-relief ingredient that helps control stress-related eating and drinking. This Kava alternative works in the central nervous system, binding to several receptors associated with stress. In pre-clinical trials, Relora™ has been shown to have an extremely positive impact on stress, with little or no significant side effects.

Phase 2™ (proprietary extract of the white kidney bean): Phase 2™ is the first clinically-tested nutritional ingredient for non-stimulant carbohydrate control. Developed by Pharmachem Laboratories in the US, clinical trials with Phase 2™ have shown it helps people lose up to two pounds per week without dieting. Phase 2™ is thought to inhibit the action of alpha amylase, the enzyme that turns carbohydrates into glucose, thereby "neutralizing" carbohydrate calories.

Coral Calcium: Introduced to the world by Dr. Robert Barefoot, author of The Calcium Factor, Coral Calcium is 100% pure ocean bed marine grade Japanese ionic coral calcium. It has a positive electrical charge making it readily absorbed by the body and able to help maintain a healthy alkaline pH balance. Coral Calcium contains over 70 ionic trace minerals including magnesium, and is 100% absorbable by the body.

Purity Life Health Products is Canada's premier natural health product company, carrying such quality products as Moducare™, Cellasene™, ReviFace™ and Veromax. For more information, please contact 800-265-2615 or

"Empowering People to Create Well Being in Their Lives."

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