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Quality of Life Labs’ VitaPQQ™ Wins NutrAward as Best New Finished Product of the Year

VitaPQQ™ from Quality of Life Labs has been named winner of the NutrAward as best new finished product of the year. The announcement was made at the closing awards ceremony of the Nutracon Conference on March 13th, 2010. VitaPQQ is the first commercially available nutritional supplement to include Pyrrolquinoline Quinone (PQQ), the first new vitamin discovered since 1948 as reported by the journal Nature. Manufactured using a unique patented process by MGC Inc. in Japan, the ingredient PQQ is marketed in North America by Maypro Industries (

"This recognition by our industry peers is a great honor for Quality of Life Labs," said Dan Lifton, the company’s Chief Operating Officer. "It confirms the importance of VitaPQQ as a truly groundbreaking nutritional supplement which, along with resveratrol, shows significant promise of delivering unprecedented anti-aging benefits through mitochondrial biogenesis.”

The NutrAward is part of the Nutracon Conference, held in conjunction with Expo West/SupplyExpo, the natural products industry's largest event drawing nearly 56,000 attendees from throughout the world. Detailed information about the NutrAward here.

About PQQ

Reported by the journals Nature and Science as the first new vitamin discovered since 1948, PQQ has been the subject of over 175 published studies. These studies have demonstrated that PQQ can influence the amount of mitochondria, impact how well it functions and protect mitochondria from damage.* Similar compounds such as resveratrol which have been shown to have a similar mode of action as PQQ pertaining to mitochondrial biogenesis, have generated significant sales in the supplement industry and have become subject of research by major pharmaceutical companies.

Other health benefits associated with PQQ include improved cognitive function and increased energy levels. A recently published double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study on 70 subjects has shown that PQQ improves short-term memory, mental focus and cognitive agility. A more recent double-blind placebo-controlled study on 63 elderly volunteers showed improvement in short-term memory, with particularly strong benefits in memory-compromised individuals. Another open label study on 17 subjects showed that PQQ improves the quality of sleep and supports a positive mood.

About Quality of Life Labs

Quality of Life Labs LLC, (QOL Labs) is a dietary supplement company dedicated to offering products containing clinically proven ingredients in dosages consistent with supporting studies. QOL Labs carefully selects science-proven patented ingredients many of which were developed in Japan.

Headquartered in Purchase, New York and founded in 1999, QOL Labs distributes products through healthcare professionals and in retail stores. In addition to VitaPQQ™, their branded products include: Kinoko™ AHCC®, CoQ10-SR®, Probiopure™, Deodorex™, PureBalance™ Serotonin, Immuno Complex™, ProstaCell®, CardioChol®, Allerfin™ and Bonecal™.

To learn more about Quality of Life Labs and its products, visit the QOL Web site at

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