Quincy Animal Health markets new canine cognitive health supplement

Quincy Animal Health markets new canine cognitive health supplement

Quincy Animal Health has announced that Dr. Gary Landsberg, presented data which demonstrates Neutricks. The research was shared at the annual CanCog Conference on Behavior, Cognition and Aging in Companion Animals.


Quincy Animal Health, a leader in canine cognitive health, has announced that Dr. Gary Landsberg, DVM, a board certified veterinary behaviorist and diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, presented data today which demonstrates Neutricks®, an apoaequorin based supplement is able to significantly improve cognitive function in senior dogs. The research was shared at the annual CanCog Conference on Behavior, Cognition and Aging in Companion Animals.

Dr. Landsberg shared data from two different experiments showing the effectiveness of Neutricks® to help domains of cognitive function such as attention, learning and recall in senior dogs. One of the most significant findings in the study showed Neutricks® outperformed Anipryl® (selegiline), the only approved medication for the control of clinical signs associated with canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS).

Key findings presented:

·         In an object discrimination test of aged beagles (greater than 9 years old), the Neutricks® treated dogs showed significantly more accuracy in learning than the placebo-controlled treatment group.

·         The Neutricks® beagles outperformed the control beagles in a task measuring attention using a visual search task with added distracters.

·         In the second study, the aged beagles in the Neutricks® group showed more accurate learning and superior attention than the dogs in the selegiline arm.

Lead researcher Dr. Bill Milgram, Ph.D. of CanCog Technologies commented, “These results provide evidence that apoaequorin has cognitively beneficial effects by showing improved performance over a control group in an aged canine model of Alzheimer’s disease.”

The CanCog conference is the latest stop for the Neutricks® data this summer. Previous audiences have included the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s annual symposium and the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference.

“We really are pleased with the overwhelmingly positive reception the Neutricks® research has received at each conference. It speaks to the true need in the marketplace for an effective tool for aging canines. In particular, the head-to-head data with Anipryl® will give veterinarians confidence to recommend Neutricks® to their clients.” added Dave Merrick, General Manager of Quincy Animal Health.

Interested parties in reviewing the research can contact www.quincyanimalhealth.com/research/.

About the Canine Cognition and Aging Conference

The first Canine Cognition and Aging Conference was held in Toronto, Canada in 1995. The aim was to provide a working interactive forum for scientists from two labs headed by Dr. C.W. Cotman of University of California Irvine and Dr. N.W. Milgram of University of Toronto, with the goal of sharing their research and discussing data and ideas of common interest in developing a canine model of cognition and aging. Over the past 16 years attendance has grown reflecting both a growing scientific interest in the utility of the dog to model human aging and cognition and a more general increase in work aimed at understanding and modifying cognitive aging in companion animals.

About Quincy Animal Health

Quincy Animal Health, LLC markets Neutricks®, a new evidence-based chewable supplement for healthy brain aging in the canine senior wellness market. The product uses technology developed by parent company Quincy Bioscience, a biotechnology company based in Madison, Wisconsin. Quincy Bioscience is focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel compounds to fight the aging process. The company's products focus on restoring calcium balance related to neurodegenerative disorders and other destructive age-related mechanisms. www.quincyanimalhealth.com.


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