Ra-Zen Relief Inc. Announces Migra-Zen Relief for Headache Pain

Miami, Florida (May 6, 2003) Ra-Zen Relief, Inc. announced today the release of their new product, Migra-Zen Relief, an herbal dietary supplement that offers pain relief from headaches. The unique formula is a proprietary blend of five traditional herbs: meadowsweet, juniper, dandelion, willow and goldenrod that are cured in golden raisins. “It looks like plain raisins and tastes like candy,” says Mark Lubin, founder and president of Ra-Zen Relief. A biomedical engineer by trade, Mark is a 25-year veteran inventor in areas such as orthopedics, joint disease, cardiac pacing and pain management. “The raisins act as a new kind of delivery system for the herbal compounds, allowing the formation of complexes which move into the bloodstream fast and deliver the herbal ingredients. The properties of the herbs become amplified so that extremely small quantities have a large effect.” The herbal extracts in Migra-Zen Relief have been used for thousands of years in cultures around the world and contain compounds that have been determined to influence vascular tone, block pain signals, and decrease inflammation in affected tissues. One level teaspoon is the recommended daily dose for maintenance of symptom relief.

The company reports that sales have grown primarily through word of mouth from satisfied customers. Adds Mark, “Given that 32+ million people suffer from migraines and serious headaches, we have not been surprised that there has been a tremendous response. ” Gail Davis, author of several vegetarian food books including So, Now What Do I Eat?, is one such enthusiast and sums it up nicely, “For anyone who has ever experienced the pain of a tension headache, it’s a must have. For anyone who has ever suffered the agony of a migraine, it’s a miracle!” The company offers a 5.3 ounce (or 150 grams) jar of Migra-Zen Relief in health food stores, natural pharmacies and through its website, www.ra-zen.com.

Founded in 1999, Ra-Zen Relief is a Miami-based developer of all-natural herbal products targeting chronic pain and inflammation. The company’s core product, Ra-Zen Relief, was originally conceived in the home laboratory of biomedical engineer Mark Lubin to manage the pain of his own osteoarthritis. Building on its success, the company developed Migra-Zen and has more innovative products in the works!

Raisin’ Relief to a New Level in the 3rd Millennium!!


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