Rainbow Light Unveils Two New Gummies

With cold and flu season rapidly approaching, Rainbow Light(R) Nutritional Systems, a leader in natural nutrition for over 27 years, launches two new gummies to help families boost their immunity and digestive systems: Gummy Get Well(TM) Soothing Herbal Drops and Fiber Garden Gummies(TM) Fiber, Fruits and Veggies.

Gummy Get Well Soothing Herbal Drops is the most potent, 100 percent natural, stimulant-free kid's immune formula. With vitamin C and a calming herbal relief blend that includes elderberry, eucalyptus and peppermint, Gummy Get Well provides soothing comfort for sore throats, stuffy noses and respiratory discomfort. It is the only gummy-form remedy available in the market to deliver more than 1,000 milligrams of potent, calming herbal relief per gummy drop.

Fiber Garden Gummies provides over 3 grams of fiber per serving, more than any other brand. Delicious, 100 percent natural and sugar-free, Fiber Garden Gummies is a great way for kids -- and adults -- to get more fiber, fruits and vegetables in their diet. Since dietary fiber helps reduce after-meal elevations of blood sugar, sugar-free Fiber Garden Gummies are also appropriate snacks for adult consumers with pre-diabetes, with blood sugar imbalances or those dieting.

Fiber Garden Gummies' prebiotics further support digestion and immunity, and its high-ORAC antioxidant blend equals two servings of fruits and vegetables. Instead of added sugar, Fiber Garden Gummies are sweetened with natural sour berry, sour apple and sour mandarin flavors, and with xylitol, which is proven to benefit dental health by preventing dental cavities and reducing tooth decay.

"Many children are picky eaters and don't consume enough fruits and vegetables in their diet. Rainbow Light's new gummies can help promote immune resistance, digestion and regularity for both children and their parents," said Linda Kahler, president of Rainbow Light. "They are a smart addition to any family's diet and medicine cabinet this season."

The two products are the newest introductions to Rainbow Light's Gummies line that experienced triple-digit growth in 2008, with combined sales growing 222 percent, according to SPINSscan, the leading natural products industry data-reporting agency. The company's children's supplements line grew 24 percent from January through June 2009, greatly outpacing the 1-percent category growth industry wide.(1)

Gummy Get Well and Fiber Garden Gummies are formulated by Rainbow Light's Director of Herbal Product Formulation Christopher Hobbs, an internationally renowned herbalist and author who successfully used these formulations in his clinical practice for more than 30 years.

The new gummies are available at fine health retailers nationwide and online at www.rainbowlight.com. SRP is $10.99 for 30 Gummy Get Well gummies and $19.99 for 30 stay fresh single serve packets of Fiber Garden Gummies.

About Rainbow Light(R) Nutritional Systems, Inc.:

Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, a leader and innovator in natural nutrition since 1981, is best known as the manufacturer of the No. 1 selling natural multivitamin line, Just Once(R), and the No. 1 selling prenatal line, Prenatal One(TM). The Santa Cruz-based company is dedicated to delivering bio-balanced(TM) all-natural food-based formulas that are potent and absorption-enhanced.

In every product, Rainbow Light combines research-based optimal potencies and highly bioavailable complementary nutrient forms with energizing whole foods, botanicals and digestive support for increased energy and utilization with no stomach upset. These proven potencies, produced to the highest quality standards of purity and safety and delivered in a gentle, natural food base, offer consumers superior value and a difference they can feel and, in the case of canines, see. Rainbow Light formulas target both general and specific health concerns for women, men, seniors, children and their canine companions while building a foundation for overall wellness.

In February 2009, Rainbow Light expanded into the pet nutrition category with its new line of all-natural pet supplements, GreenDog Naturals(TM). For more information on Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, call 1-800-571-4701 or visit www.rainbowlight.com or www.greendognaturals.com.

(1) SPINSscan data, July 2009

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