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Raisio Invests in New Production Technology

Production of plant-based fresh foods to start in Turku

Raisio will start production of oat- and soy-based fresh foods in Turku, Finland. For this purpose, Raisio Group has rented Maito-Aura’s dairy facilities from Valio.

Raisio is a specialist in plant-based products with a strong focus on developing healthy, easy-to-use and tasty foods. Oat- and soy-based, in other words entirely vegetarian, fresh products like beverages, breakfast products and snacks will provide an answer to changing consumer needs. For Raisio this investment opens one route in renewing and upgrading the product portfolio as aimed in our strategy.

Consumption of soy products is growing strongly worldwide, in some countries up to 25% annually. The proven health benefits of soy include a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease and hormone-related cancers. Soy is an excellent source of protein e.g. for vegetarians as the protein in soy is very rich biologically.

A good alternative to soy is oat, which today is mainly used in the Nordic countries. The health benefits of oat are mainly based on beta glucan. Oat has positive effects on cardiovascular and intestinal health as well as weight and blood sugar control. Oat-based products are also suitable for most sufferers of celiac disease.

The production and packaging technology investments required for the production of oat- and soy-based fresh products will amount to some 5 million euros. The new production plant will employ 15-20 people. New products will be on the market at the beginning of 2006.

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