Rakesh Amin Speaks at NNFA in Las Vegas on July 16

(Chicago, IL) July 8, 2004 – Rakesh Amin, principal of Amin Law, a Chicago-based law firm providing legal counsel for FDA, USDA, Customs and related regulatory matters, will speak on the topic of What Can You Say About the Products You Sell? at the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) annual natural products convention and tradeshow in Las Vegas on Friday July 16th.

Amin, along with Jay Jacobowitz, president of Retail Insights, will reveal what retailers can tell and show their customers about natural products and treating health conditions. They will facilitate a lively commentary and role-playing session designed to help retailers develop an effective, lawful approach to customer health communications. Retail members of the audience are encouraged to share their experiences and questions, and participate in reenacting real situations they face with customers.

Amin Law helps companies with food, dietary supplement, drug, cosmetic and medical device research and development, product approval process, good manufacturing practices, advertising, labeling, health claims, import/export and inspection matters. Amin Law further practices heavily in patents, trademarks, licensing, contracts and business litigation.

Amin is a registered pharmacist and attorney (J.D. and Masters of Law in Health Law degrees) and also an adjunct professor teaching Food and Drug Law at the DePaul University College of Law in Chicago. Amin Law focuses its practice on assisting FDA-regulated companies and inventors with various legal issues. Amin Law provides a free bi-monthly E-Newsletter focusing on regulatory, intellectual property, transactional and litigation news involving natural products and FDA-regulated industries. A free subscription is available at www.amin-law.com.

For more information contact Rakesh Amin at (312) 327-3382 or by email at [email protected].

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