Rare Earth™ Chopsticks Bring to the Market a Beautiful Product with a Beautiful Mission!

Boulder, Colorado - Juvel International announced today the launch of their new product line, an exquisite collection of beautifully handcrafted and ecologically sound chopsticks, under the name of Rare Earth™. This collection of twelve designs is handcrafted from recycled hardwoods and softwoods collected and processed by villagers in Thailand. The company uses non-endangered softwoods like coconut that are abundant and regrow quickly. The hardwoods are gathered from the remaining stumps of trees that have been logged and from small pieces of leftover wood in furniture factories. Working in cooperation with the government of Thailand, some of the wood also comes from dead trees that have fallen. Because many other hardwood chopsticks on the market have been made from illegally cut trees in Burma and northern Thailand, Juvel entered agreements with the Forestry Department of Thailand for the project to be overseen by them in order to protect and guarantee their source of wood. A few of the chopsticks include recycled buffalo horn for added beauty and elegance. This recycled horn is a by-product from food processing which is traditionally thrown away.

The Rare Earth™ Chopsticks project, part of a program that was first initiated by the King of Thailand, was designed to develop rural villages into self-sufficient communities. "We employ master craftsmen," says founding partner Jay Zischke, "who give an enormous amount of time and attention to the production of each set of sticks. The skills involved have been passed down from generation to generation making the creation of these chopsticks very different from the standard bamboo chopsticks that are mass-produced by machines." Unlike most wage agreements that are generated by brokers who take large percentages, Juvel International works directly with these artists and villagers, paying them a fair daily wage. In return, the company donates 5% of its profits towards forest preservation and village development in Thailand.

Rare Earth Chopsticks are designed to last for years with proper care unlike many chopsticks available at restaurants and in stores that are disposable after one use. They are 100% natural and safe to use because the company does not use toxic paint or lacquer coating that can chip in time and then sometimes be consumed. Each pair includes a free hand-woven reed pouch for storage.

Juvel owners, Jay, a successful entrepreneur for over 10 years and his wife Krongjit, a native of Thailand who has several years in cross cultural and international business, have combined their business knowledge and experience for the purpose of carrying out their vision: to create a company that produces exceptional handcrafted products, that are beautifully packaged and unique in the marketplace. They both agree wholeheartedly, "we want to create a better life and greater financial opportunities for villages in underdeveloped countries without harming the environment. For us, this is a wonderful opportunity to further cultural appreciation and prosperity in a truly supportive way."

Shari Hindman
Integral Marketing
Boulder, Colorado

Juvel International
P.O. Box 2269
Boulder, Colorado 80306
877.774.4745 voice
303.380.5127 fax

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