Recent Study Reinforces The Benefits of Omega-3 For Fetal Growth

Pronova Biocare Continues to Emphasize the Importance of Omega-3s for Pregnant Women

LYSAKER, Norway --- According to a new study published in the June 2004 issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, increasing fish or n3-FA intake during pregnancy may enhance fetal growth rate. The study reaffirms Pronova Biocare's (one of the largest fish oil producers in the world and makers of EPAX® Omega-3 fish oils) research concluding the importance of increasing omega-3s intake during pregnancy.

"The brain of a newborn baby already contains large amounts of DHA. To ensure normal development of the brain and other neural tissue, a fetus requires large amounts of DHA," stated Morten Bryhn, M.D., Ph.D., director of research and development for Pronova Biocare. "A fetus obtains all of its nutrients through the placenta, placing additional demands on the mother's nutrition in terms of energy as well as essential ingredients. In the event of a relative deficiency, the fetus will most often receive priority, meaning the mother's reserves will be depleted‹hence the need for increased DHA."

The objective of the study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, conducted on 11,585 pregnant women in south west England, was to investigate the relationship between maternal fish intake in late pregnancy and the frequency of low birth weight. The results provided support to the premise that raising fish or n3-FA intake during pregnancy may increase fetal growth rate. However, further research is warranted before specific recommendations can be made.

Consumers, specifically pregnant mothers, concerned with the recent mercury alerts relating to fresh and farmed fish, can safely take fish oil supplements.*1 At Pronova Biocare, each and every production run of omega-3 carries full quality control documentation to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained. Chemical analyses take place at every crucial stage and the most stringent, hygienic conditions are applied throughout Pronova Biocare operations. EPAX products are produced in Pronova's GMP facilities to meet the highest possible quality standards.

The products also comply with the CRN voluntary monograph.

Pronova Biocare, headquartered in Lysaker, Norway, offers marine omega-3 oils in the B2B segment under the registered trademark EPAX. Pronova is a specialist in the production of concentrated omega-3 products. They offer products ranging from standard 30 percent material to materials with more than 70 percent omega-3. The concentrated products contain different EPA/DHA ratios built around concepts, backed by scientific research, to help their customers market the omega-3 products. Pronova has invested millions of dollars over the last fifteen years supporting the research of marine omega-3 EPA and DHA on general wellness and specific health conditions. All Pronova Biocare products are carefully analyzed for environmental contaminants and quality-controlled to ensure that such contaminants are well below detection limits.

The health benefits of marine omega-3 fatty acids are increasingly being accepted worldwide. The American Heart Association and the World Health Organization both support the addition of omega-3 fatty acids to diets citing their importance in maintaining good health.

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1. European Food Safety Authority <>

2. J Epidemiology Community Health 2004; 58: 486-492. Maternal fish intake in late pregnancy and the frequency of low birth weight and intrauterine growth retardation in a cohort of British infants, I Rogers, P Emmett, A Ness, and J Golding,

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