Recession-proof your business at Nutracon and SupplyExpo

If there is one lesson seasoned businesspeople understand, it is that networking isn't about scorekeeping. It's not about what your contacts can do for you — it's about what you can do for them. Invariably the favour will loop back to you time and again, sometimes in ways you never imagined. Admittedly, lead generation is the goal, but it is hard to argue that friendships last longer than business transactions.

At this year's Nutracon conference and SupplyExpo tradeshow, our goal is to be your ambassador for networking, lead generation and lifelong friendships. Believe me, we understand how jam-packed your schedules may be, but this year's conference and tradeshow have a few extra gems hidden within our high-quality content that you may have missed. Details are on our web sites (,, but here are a few of my favourites:

  • Meet — Greet — Mingle. The Nutracon Progressive Cocktail Party is high-class networking at its finest. You will never be without something to talk about as industry thought leaders nibble and nosh while 'progressing' through a multiple-course cocktail party. March 3, 5:30-7:00pm. The caveat: to attend this very popular party you must be registered for the Nutracon conference.
  • Ask our keynote speaker, Mark Whitacre, what it is like to have the sexiest man alive, Matt Damon, play him in the upcoming movie, The Informant, a Hollywood account of Whitacre's three years as a corporate infiltrator. Plus hear from an exclusive insider panel — including Whitacre's wife, Ginger; the FBI agent in charge of the case; the anti-trust lawyer who literally wrote the book on the case; the man who hired Whitacre right out of jail; and others. March 6, 3:30-5:00pm. Read the article here.
  • Meet the Functional Ingredients editors for a private show-floor tour of companies that represent our top industry trends. Our editors won't be shy about introducing you to companies with the latest and greatest innovations. March 7, 9:00-10:00am.
  • And the envelope goes to... meet the NutrAward finalists and winner. March 7, 5:00-6:30pm, Global Supply Marketplace Booth #130.
  • Hungry? Tradeshow overload? Take a breather and meet friends at the Supply Expo Sunday Brunch. March 8, 10:00-11:00am, Global Supply Marketplace, Booth #130.

I hope this is enough to convince you of the value of networking at Nutracon and SupplyExpo, and where the fun can be found within Functional Ingredients. Our entire team looks forward to being industry stewards from March 4-9 to help your business and friendships grow.

See you in Anaheim,
Kimberly Stewart
Editorial Director

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