Red Bull plans global sugar-free roll-out

January 17th 2003 – Acording to New Nutrition Business, Red Bull, the world-leading energy drink brand, is planning a global roll-out of a sugar-free variant, beginning this month in the UK – at €1 billion, Europe’s biggest energy drink market. Red Bull Sugarfree uses the sweetener combination aspartame and acesulfame K in place of sugar. One can contains just eight calories.

Today, 33% of all soft-drink products consumed in the U.S. are of the sugar-free/diet variety. Red Bull says that its Sugarfree variant will be the first global energy drink brand to address this consumer need.

The company describes its iconic brand – arguably the Coca-Cola of the twenty-first century – as a functional product which has been developed for times of increased stress and strain. It increases performance, improves reaction speed and concentration, increases alertness and stimulates metabolism.

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