Register Now: AHPA Presents Educational Tel-Seminar on Setting, Meeting Specs for Finished Products Under cGMP

Does your company really need to spend thousands of dollars on that shiny new piece of analytical equipment to comply with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) for dietary supplements? Maybe you do, but, then again, maybe you don’t.

Under cGMP, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to identify contaminants likely or certain to be present in or on components received and to establish limits to prevent adulteration of these components. Knowing what contaminants to test for on what products and knowing what limits you should set for the contaminants you test for will determine the equipment, personnel and hours your company will buy, hire and spend in order to comply with cGMP.

To assist companies with making these critical decisions, the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) is hosting its latest educational tele-seminar, “Setting and Meeting Specifications for Contaminants in Finished Products Under cGMP.” The tele-seminar, to be held Jan. 22, 2009, will address the topic from regulatory and legal standpoints, as well as a practical one, with insight provided by a leading manufacturer in the industry.

AHPA brings together the following expert panel to address Prop 65, certificates of analysis, liability concerns, additional contaminants including mycotoxins and pesticides, testing needs and more:

Michael McGuffin, AHPA’s president and editor of “AHPA’s Annotated Final Rule on Dietary Supplement cGMP”
Aaron Secrist, associate director of quality, Nature’s Way
Anthony Young, Esq., AHPA’s General Counsel and partner at Kleinfeld Kaplan & Becker
Trent Norris, AHPA’s Counsel for Proposition 65 and partner at Arnold & Palmer LLP

“Setting and Meeting Specifications for Contaminants in Finished Products Under cGMP”

Mark your calendar for 1–3 pm Eastern, Thursday, January 22, 2009
Fax form to 301.588.1174 or email to [email protected]

• $195 per line for AHPA member companies (unlimited participants!)
• $495 for non-members
• Includes an unedited transcript (to review later)
• Includes one Certification of Completion (for training and personnel files )
• Additional certificates — $25 each
• Optional audio CD — $25 (great for your training library)

The registration deadline is January 21. All supporting resource documents, presentations and call-in instructions will be sent via email prior to the event.

AHPA’s tele-seminars are a convenient and cost-effective way to explore issues, gain insight, and enhance knowledge on what’s important to your business. You will be provided with practical, useful documents and information and the opportunity to have your particular questions answered by the experts. Please note, the registration fee is charged per phone connection, but as many staff members as you wish may listen in on your speaker phone.

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