Register Your Products In FI’s Condition-Specific Directory

Now is the time for suppliers to submit their information for the annual Functional Ingredients Condition-Specific Directory of Ingredients, which will appear in the September issue. The Directory is unique in that it groups ingredients by health condition so that purchasers, product developers and marketers can easily find what they need. Working on an anti-aging project? Pages 22-25 of the 2009 Directory not only listed the most popular ingredients but gave market forecasts to 2013, and the upcoming issue will provide similar specific information.

Fi editors are in the process of updating the Condition-Specific Directory for 2011.. The easiest way to register your ingredients is to contact Jody Ruch, Sales Coordinator, at [email protected]. She’ll walk you through the process which entails little more than verifying your company name, city/state, web address, contact e-mail, and ingredient name. She’ll also help you select up to three health conditions for your ingredients.

Why take the time? The short answer is audience, audience, audience and audience. In print, the Condition-Specific Directory reaches Functional Ingredients’ 12,500 readers. Online, Directory resides for one year on with its 14,500 unique monthly visitors and NPIcenter with its 86,450. And, the Directory is distributed at Supply Expo 2011 and Nutracon. Together, the Condition-Specific Directory has an audience unlike any other.

As a business strategy, the September issue should be part of your marketing plan. Our readers—75% of whom exercise purchasing power—use the issue as a reference tool. Formulators visit the website to access information and, frankly, to seek out supplier websites. A basic listing is a good starting point. An enhanced listing is better—advertisers in the issue receive 50-word descriptions as well as other important benefits. Ask Jody to connect you with one of our media consultants if you wish to make an even bigger impact in the issue and on the websites.

The September issue closes at the end of July, but the time couldn’t be better to update your listing or discover ways to beef up your exposure to Fi’s ingredient-hungry audience. Please let me know what I can do to help.

Jim Wagner
Director of Business Development
[email protected]

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